Maxar to Sell MDA for US$765 Mn to Free Up Debts

Maxar, the satellite industry giant, is now selling MDA. MDA is Maxar’s subsidiary the focuses on space robotics. According to the Reuter reports, the deal is worth around $1 billion CAD or US$765.23 million. The buying entity is a group of companies. Northern Private Capital, a private investment company, is heading this consortium. This company […]

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Blood-Brain Barrier

Researchers Develop Implant Sensors to Open Blood-Brain Barrier

Engineers from UConn are now successful in designing a biodegradable and non-toxic medication device. This device can aid in moving medication from the blood vessels to the inner brain tissue. This route is conventionally difficult to maneuver because of our body’s immune system. The research paper about the innovation is now featuring in the PNAS […]

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Methane Levels

South Sudan Wetlands are Causing Sudden Spike in Global Methane Levels

It is common knowledge that methane is a greenhouse gas. When methane is in the atmosphere, it helps to pass the energy from the Sun on the earth. However, it reflects back the energy back on earth when it tries to escape. A large number of methane emissions are a result of human activities. However, […]

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Type 2 Mellitus Diabetes

A New Pattern Justifying the Development of Type 2 Mellitus Diabetes

Diabetes occurs due to fluctuation in the level of blood glucose level. Among all cases of Diabetes, 90% account for Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes also known as Type 2 Mellitus Diabetes usually occurs in adults. Insulin resistance and high glucose level in the blood are the symptoms of Diabetes type 2. Till now, […]

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MIT Researchers Perform First Ever Laser Ultrasound on Humans

For the majority of people, undergoing an ultrasound treatment is fairly easy. As the technician slowly presses the probe against the skin of a patient, it generates sound waves. These sound waves then travel through the skin and bounce off the muscle fat and other tissues before reaching back to the probe. The probe then […]

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Researchers Mull ML-based Traffic Models to Reduce Traffic Snarls

Traffic engineers have to grapple with unforeseen scenarios that display unpredictable traffic flow patterns. Predicting these patterns in real time is no doubt a challenge. Accidents cause heavy disruption in urban traffic flows. Scientists, particularly machine learning researchers, show interest in such predictions and have been toying with different models for the same. A team […]

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PSH Can Become Game Changer in World’s Power Storage Domain

A new research study states that pumped-storage hydropower offers a cost efficient, highly optimal solution for moving high energy volumes. Currently, around 173 gigawatts of energy reserves are active and moving across the globe. This transfer of energy is to balance the growing demands on the power grids. PSH or pumped storage hydropower accounts for […]

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