Erythrosine Market: Rising Number of Applications to Uptake Industry Demand


Global Erythrosine Market: Overview

Colorants are majorly used to enhance the attractiveness of the product so as to give an appealing look to the customers. Food colouring agents are significantly contributing to food & beverage industry due to increase in demand for decorative and attractive food preparation among consumers. Food colouring agents are widely used in commercial and domestic food preparations. Erythrosine is an artificial red colouring agent obtained from coal tar. Commonly referred as red dye, erythrosine is composed of iodine and sodium compounds.

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Erythrosine belongs to xanthene group which represents wide range of brilliant fluorescent dyes ranging from yellow to bluish red. Erythrosine is widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparation to impart synthetic cherry-pink colour. Erythrosine is also significantly used to enhance the appearance of home-made decorative items. The purpose of erythrosine dye is to impart colour to the food without adding any nutritional content to the food due to its synthetic nature.

Global Erythrosine Market: Drivers and Restraints

Due to increasing competitiveness, manufactures are focusing upon food decorative products thereby, propelling the market for erythrosine. Erythrosine is widely used in the manufacturing of candies and cake decorative items. Moreover, it helps to maintain the flavour and quality of the product over a prolonged period of time. Hence, contributing to the growth of erythrosine market. Consumer’s attraction towards processed and canned food products, is driving the erythrosine market. Moreover, being synthetic in nature it can be preserved for longer period of time and helps to impart the flavour and colour to the products. Furthermore, synthetic dyes as comparatively available at lower prices as compared to natural dyes. Hence, impacting the manufacturing and product cost of the erythrosine composed products. Thereby, influencing the consumer’s buying behaviour towards erythrosine products. Apart from food industry, erythrosine is widely used as disclosing agent in dentistry, printing inks and in cosmetics.

However, most of the processed food are rich in artificial dye thereby, compromising upon the nutritional content of the diet. With increasing health conscious behaviour, natural dye are gaining traction among consumers. Hence, hampering the growth of erythrosine market. Moreover, erythrosine has shown to have some adverse effect on human health. Erythrosine is reported to have some cancer promoting effects and also may cause irritation in skin, digestive tract, respiratory tract and eyes when exposed to undiluted form. The high dosage of erythrosine may lead to depression and lethargy. These factors may restrain the market growth of erythrosine. Moreover, due to its adverse side effects it is prohibited in USA and Norway thereby, constraining the opportunities among erythrosine manufacturers.

Global Erythrosine Market:  Region wise Outlook

The global erythrosine market is categorised into seven regions, namely, Western Europe, Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), , Japan Latin America and, North America. Due to its adverse side effects on human health, erythrosine is been banned in US by FDA. Thereby, resulting in decline of erythrosine market in North America. Asia Pacific region accounts for the major share of erythrosine market owing to increase in demand for processed food products among consumers. Europe represents second largest target market for erythrosine. With increasing demand for decorative food products among consumers, is driving the erythrosine market in Europe.

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Global Erythrosine Market:  Key Players

Some of the prominent players identified in the global erythrosine market includes:

  • Univar Colour
  • Sigma-Aldrich Co.LLC.
  • Dynemic Products Ltd.
  • Food Ingredient Solutions LLC
  • Parshwanath Dyestuff Industries
  • Sun Food Tech.
  • Kolor Jet Chemical Pvt. Ltd.
  • Jagson Colorchem Limited

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