Loop Calibrators Market : Recent Industry Developments and Growth Strategies Adopted by Players


Global Loop Calibrators Market: Introduction

  • Loop calibrators are utilized to compare electric readings with regulatory standards and correct deviations of electrical measuring tools including transformer flicker meters, arm meters, angle meters, voltmeters, and watt meters
  • Loop calibrators with high storage capacity are gaining importance among users. This factor is expected to drive the global loop calibrators market during the forecast period
  • In order to meet the rising demand, leading manufacturers are focusing on introducing loop calibrators enabled with high data storage capacity
  • Growing adoption of automation technologies across various sectors and the trend of capturing high-definition pictures and videos are driving the demand for loop calibrators with high storage capacity
  • Increased product commercialization, rapidly developing industry infrastructure and growing demand for loop calibrators are strengthening the market foothold of loop calibrators and thereby significantly contribute to the revenue generation in the global market.

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Global Loop Calibrators Market: Dynamics

  • Increasing demand for intrinsically safe calibration is considered a key factor driving the market
  • Intrinsic safety is a standard followed in industries that manage highly explosive environments. These industries need to ensure that their operations are ‘intrinsically safe’. This guarantees that devices do not discharge energy in amounts that can cause ignition upon contact with combustible materials.
  • An equipment must be free from electric sparks, electromagnetic radiation, flames, mechanical friction, arcs, and impact and ionizing radiations
  • Implication of safety solutions is gaining importance in different industries such as mining, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical. Thus, intrinsically safe calibration can limit the inherent risk associated with hazard-prone workplaces.
  • Moreover, increasing demand for maintaining accuracy of operations in different industries is augmenting the demand for loop calibrators
  • The market is witnessing rise in the number of third-party service providers to maintain the operating condition of an increasing number of industrial equipment. These service providers track instruments at their premises and notify end-users in advance if they fail to function properly on-site. At times, end-users employ calibrators to manage small deviations.
  • Increasing adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has also prompted end-users to adopt loop calibrators, as they can be easily connected with cloud computing
  • However, increasing popularity of multifunctional calibrators causes a serious threat to manufacturers of loop calibrators, thereby hindering the market for loop calibrators

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