Automatic Weapons Market : Rising Adoption from Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Fuel Growth


Automatic Weapons Market: A Snapshot

Automatic weapons are firearms which can engage in constant combat with high rates of fire. These are completely different from conventional automatic-firearm which support a single round of fire aiming for higher precision or lower efficiency in combat. The automatic weapons market also features semi-automatic firearms which are loaded with burst fire modes and can transition into fully automatic at will. However, automatic weapons do not rotate between the modes to provide a massive explosion of firepower within a few seconds. These are adored by firearm enthusiasts and are distinguished as a separate entity to avoid confusion.

Among the automatic weapons, different firearms with varying types are also found. These varieties include firearms which can self-load. These can cycle through the functions like cock, load, eject, and fire. In fully automated weapons, the cyclic rate decides the rate of fire or ejection, or loading mechanisms. It is designed in automatic firearms to provide maximum firepower in applications like anti-aircraft machine guns. Additionally, infantry support weapons battling tanks or fighting against unknown opposition troops can also find it useful. Moreover, machine guns like MG34 used in the WWII era have become a general purpose machine gun as more advanced versions of automatic weapons continue to storm the market with better firepower and recoil speeds. Today, its advanced version can 1200 rounds per minute.

One of the biggest concern for manufacturers in the automatic weapons market is the high heat generated by the weapons. These are elevated temperatures throughout the structure of these small and tiny weapons. The high pressure-carbine can face a complete breakdown, if the pressure is not sustained properly. Some guns can fire 1200 rounds per minute and fail at the next minute. General purpose automatic weapons aimed for civilians towards leisure can clock 40 rounds per minute. These are semi-automatics which are rising in demand in countries like the US, wherein gun laws permit a widespread use of weapons. The growing opportunities and improvements in the economy are expected to drive growth of the automatic weapons market in the near future.

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Global Automatic Weapons Market:  Overview 

The global automatics weapons market is likely to register significant growth owing to increasing number of cross-border dispute, and wars. In addition, increasing terrorism activities is other key factor stimulating growth of this market in the year to come. Additionally, increasing usage of offensive weapons by militaries for tactical operations is one of the key factor majorly augmenting towards market growth in the upcoming years.

On the other hand, complexities associated with the integration of automatic weapons along with wide range of challenges in policy and platforms are some of the key trends supporting growth of the global automotive weapons market. However, growing demand for precisions weapons system in developing economies is likely to drive growth of this market in the near future.

A report by Transparency Market Research on the global automatic weapons market discuss the growth prospects and growth pace of the market in details. The report also provides factors driving and hampering growth of this market in the year to come. The competitive dynamics of this market is also provided in the research report.

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