Essiac Tea Market- Qualitative Insights, Key Enhancement, Share Forecast To 2025


Essiac tea or essiac is obtained from a mixture of herbs, and mostly content constitutes burdock root and sheep sorrel. The essiac tea was first introduced in a cancer treatment in a hospital and the key players of this market consider certifying their essiac tea by the same organization- Rene Cassie, and which also denote the high quality of the product. The essiac is known to have many medicinal properties and a strong anti-cancer agent. However, its medicinal usage and claims have not been confirmed or proven till date. The essiac tea market has a considerable share in the functional beverages market. The essiac market is also a contributor in the dietary supplements market. Amongst consumers, it is an optional and experimental product for health applications or more preferably in the treatment of cancer.

Essiac Tea Market: Segmentation

The essiac tea market can be segmented on the basis of source, applications and distribution channel.

On the basis of source, the essiac tea market can be segmented as organic and conventional based on the source of the botanical plants.

On the basis of applications, the essiac tea market can be segmented as dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and functional beverages. The dietary supplements are sold as essiac tea capsules.

On the basis of distribution channel, the essiac tea market can be segmented as direct sales and indirect sales. The indirect sales channel can be further segmented as pharmacy stores, convenience stores, retailers and online retailers.

Essiac Tea Market: Drivers, Restraints, and Trends

The essiac tea market is specially driven by factors like consumer awareness about the benefits of functional teas and beverages. The essiac tea market is also seen as a supplementary treatment for cancer along with other therapies. Given the terror of cancer amongst people, the essiac tea, however ineffective, has consumers’ attraction, and makes this a crucial factor in the growth of the essiac tea market. The essiac tea market trends are based on consumer pull towards more natural health products and the awareness about the side-effects of conventional therapies. Health-conscious people are very keen on trying functional food and beverages and essiac tea market is an important facet in the functional beverage market. The essiac tea market many restraints. The major restraint is the macro-economic factor such as lack of support of government and pharmaceutical bodies for the essiac tea market. All research on the essiac tea highlights essiac tea’s incompetency for the treatment of cancer, and this is a principal factor governing the essiac tea market. The essiac tea market is also thwarted by less consumer awareness in under-developed countries. The social media factors like health magazines and websites also influence the growth of the essiac tea market.

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Essiac Tea Market: Regional Outlook

The essiac tea market in North and Latin America is influenced by various macro-economic factors and consumer acceptability. The essiac tea market is also impacted by the tea and coffee-consumers looking for a more healthy option. In Europe, the essiac tea market is expected to have a very slow growth in essiac tea market due to consumer demand and acceptability for only certified products and approved products. The essiac tea market is expected to have slow growth due to less consumer awareness, few developed countries have shown recent trends for the product but sums up to be a weak factor in the growth of the market. The Middle East and Africa shows some likelihood for the growth of the market due to distribution channels and cheap availability of the products in this region.

Essiac Tea Market: Key Players

  1. Swanson Group Inc.
  2. Starwest Botanicals, Inc
  3. Rene Caisse Tea
  4. Organa International
  5. Western Botanicals Inc.
  6. Tehachapi Tea Company, LLC

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