Now Charge Your Vehicle in Minutes instead of Hours!


A team of researchers Penn State University has developed a new design for a revolutionary battery. The battery has the capability to charge an electric vehicle in minutes rather than hours. The new battery gets its power by the lithium-ion and can give 200 miles to the vehicle in charge of 10 minutes. This also allows the vehicle to restore the battery life along with maintaining the battery life cycle.

Since the inception of electric vehicles, slow charging has always haunted the car owners. Apart from this, the low distance running on a single charge was also a major challenge that the electric vehicle manufacturers. The new design shall allow both, the manufacturers and users to derive optimum performance from the vehicle.

How Scientists Developed the New Battery?

The scientists were able to develop this new battery design by using Asymmetric Temperature Modulation. In this process, the Lithium-ion reaches the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius that is 140 degrees F. At this temperature the ion can move faster and conduct electricity. Further, this battery is rapidly discharged at a cooler temperature. This allowed them to charge the battery in less than 10 minutes. The major success came to the researchers in terms of inexpensive nickel foils that can heat by themselves. The foil allows the researcher to provide essential heating to the plating in less than 30 seconds.

However, this process also degrades the life-cycle of the battery which eventually leads to complete degradation of the battery. However, charging the new battery in this manner made it possible for the researchers to retain its life cycle up to 91.7%. To approve this claim, researchers charged and discharged the battery more than 2500 times. Each time the results were above the expectations of the researchers.


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