Vodafone to Generate Business Value with Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Vodafone is planning to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) in almost every business aspect of theirs. David Gonzalez, head, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Vodafone Group, recently talked about how the company is applying AI to generate real business value. He discussed the impacts of AI and emerging technologies, such as 5G, on workforce and society at length. 5G is playing a critical role in developing the ability to process additional data. Further, this creates more tasks for AI to tackle.

In various European markets, Vodafone has partnered with many local authorities and public administrations. Further, this is to assist them in understanding the mobility patterns of macro-population and their tourism behavior. The company also works with private firms from various industries, such as media, retail, real estate, transport, energy/utilities, and construction. With Vodafone, these organizations gain the access to valuable insights from various nations that fall under the same location intelligence service.

Big Data Paving Way for Analytics

In recent years, Big Data has kind of exploded, paving the path for the application of data analytics across a number of industries. However, many organizations are still uncertain about using data. Even though some have started exploring data, they are mostly focusing on internal data management to tackle concerns regarding compliance. Using data for supporting their business goals is something they are still skeptical about.

Insight-driven companies are recognizing the benefits of integrating analytics with their departments. Not just IT, they aspire to introduce data analytics across many other departments as well. However, this comes with its own risks and challenges. From complex process to threatened privacy and security, an organization may have to deal with an array of issues while implementing analytics. Also, the lack of skilled professionals and high customer expectations will add to their worries.