IoT to Fly Conventional Airports to Smart Airports


IoT has become one of the most trending technologies today. It is digitally transforming various commercial and domestic businesses. The technology has now penetrated to the very core of aviation and is on the verge of changing the face of airports. Altogether, airports are one of the largest hubs of interconnected technologies functioning as a single unit. With IoT and automation at its core, conventional airports are transforming into smart airports.

Though IoT is not new in aviation sector, the application of technology in already complex infrastructure of the airport is quite difficult. According to various surveys, only 12% of aviation representatives believes that their airports were IoT-ready. However, various developments by multiple businesses are now offering less complex and easy to implement solutions to help the airport to transform into smart airports.

Innovations to Shift Gears for Smart Airports

IoT is more from inside than its exterior components. The technology is a complex network of server, internet connection, communication devices, and peripheral devices. In order to mold an airport into a smart one, multiple innovations at each terminal of IoT technology are mandatory.

For instance, innovations at communication and peripheral devices. With easy to implement devices, IoT can be used to get data at various points. For instance, a proximity sensor is helpful to promote a business at the airport. As a result, many IoT solution providers can develop proximity enabled solutions for their clients and have a good revenue generation model.

Moreover, data transmitting and receiving sensors poses a great opportunity for the players dealing in IoT enabled solutions for airports. These sensors are the key components required to make an airport a smart one. Businesses can leverage this opportunity and have a strong client portfolio which can beneficial for their growth in the future.