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Wearable Sensors to Monitor Health Using Sweat Detector

Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) devised a next generation wearable biosensor. This device has the ability to measure health conditions based on organic compounds present in our sweat.

Sweat is ideal for tracking human health because it contains traces of organic molecules present in our body. These act as measurable health indicators.

MXene is First of its Kind Nano-sensor Enabled Wearable Device

At present almost all healthcare wearables work on tracking physical conditions of humans such as breath, heat beat, and blood pressure. In such situations, sweat detector take health monitoring to next level.

This wearable sensor consist of a nano-sensor that has the ability to detect lactose concentrations and sugar concentration in blood. The name given to the device is MXene. It is a thin, flat ceramic that is constantly in contact to skin. Further, it is available in the form of wrist band and thus it is easy to use and simple to monitor.

This helps to deliver improved biomarker detection with the help of biosensor that has high sensitivity to hydrogen peroxide. It is primary organic compound present in the sweat and its amount in sweat can offer several insights of our well-being.

To track effectivity of the device, researchers tested it on several volunteers riding stationary bikes. In every case, it has given accurate tracking of internal health conditions. Thus, helping more precious and accurate monitoring of health conditions.

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