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Tastier Food through Cyber Agriculture

With technology scientists have developed plants with new traits to improve yield or resist climatic conditions. Now, researchers have attempted to enhance the taste of crops. Open Agriculture of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has successfully enhanced the taste of basil plant. The team was able to achieve this implementing many advanced technologies. With these scientists have taken the first step towards optimizing food growth for various parts of the world.

Scientists of MIT have coined the term ‘cyber-agriculture’ after their successful achievement. The team wanted to encompass a variety of environment-controlled technologies in agriculture. Also, environmental control, machine and statistical learning models, and precision monitoring of plant’s response to particular stimuli were involved in the experiment.

How Scientists Programmed a Plant to Enhance its Flavor?

According to a study, scientists demonstrated a sample of their plant growth optimization experiment. Here they have focused on the flavor molecules of the basil plant. They observed the impact of light exposure to the quantity of flavor molecule in the plant. Basically, they wanted to observe the enhancement of flavor by changing the amount of time plant received light with the help of machine learning.

Scientists were able to make it possible with the help of MIT’s Food Computer. The food computer contains food trays that can work on a trained machine learning model. As a result, it allowed scientists to develop a programmed algorithm that can create a controlled environment for any type of plants.

Though, the practical application of this technology is quite far. Scientists think that it will take at least 5 years for this technology to be available for practical use. However, with this technology, scientists shall be able to derive more food products at the places where the food demand is far greater than its supply.

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