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Phones Thieves! Beware of this Technology

We spend money on smart phones with good features to make optimum use of them. However, we often lose them to smart thieves or pick pockets. But, yes we have a solution coming up to address this problem. The future technology will make it harder for the thieves to get scot free with the stolen phone.

A Swedish telecom company, Ericsson is filing for a patent to introduce new anti-pocket technology which will make it a lot harder for thieves to steal phones.

Viability of New Technology 

This new anti- pocket technology will recognize the person other than the owner of the phone. The technology will recognize it by recognizing the heartbeat that is different from the owner. If someone else holds the phone, it gives a command of ‘low friction mode’. When the phone is in low friction mode, it vibrates at a fast pace. It becomes difficult for the thief to even pick up the phone as it gets too slippery to even hold the phone. The technology will also have high friction mode. So, when the owner is holding the phone, it won’t slip out of the hand or just fall on the ground.

This anti-pocket technology stops the stealing of the phones in crowded area, however, the downside it is not applicable if the thief applies any other method to steal the phone. Nonetheless, it is a very good feature in the future of smart phones.

The company is seeking patent to start production of these phones. However, it is important to note that even though the production starts with this in built new technology, it will take few months to hit the market of smart phones with this feature.

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