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Perovskite: A Novel technique to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency

 A team of researchers in the U.S. has successfully found a way to improve functioning of perovskite-based solar cells. The new technique is expected to reduce price of solar cell.

Silicon has been a favorite element for all industrialists for the manufacturing of solar cell. This is mainly because of its several unique properties. However, recently researchers tried several elements and alloys to replace silicon in solar cells in order to improve their functioning.

One possible replacement of silicon material is crystalline perovskite. It is an alloy of lead, bromine, and iodine. The perovskite made silicon cell has several advantages as compared to traditional silicon cells. The high-energy blue photons absorption ability is one prominent advantage of perovskite over silicon. Apart from this, perovskite celsl are also way cheaper than solar cell.

Silicon-Perovskite Cells Could Possibly be the Best Replacement of Silicon

However, there are certain inefficiency of perovskite cell and this is the reason manufacturing units are not adopting them. To leverage benefits of both the cells, researchers combined silicon and pervoskite cells together to create a silicon/perovskite cells. This is likely to be the best replacement of silicon based cells and it expected to offer combined benefits.

However, researchers still believe that there could several other issues with the silicon/perovskite cells. This is the reason they want to keep prototype of the cell under observation. Further they acknowledged the fact that there can be several issues to deal before such cells become viable, making them last long enough for commercial use.

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