NRDC Suggests Major Reforms In Regulations For Approval Of Pesticides

The two year investigation by NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) unveiled loopholes in EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations for testing pesticides that are hazardous to the eco-system and also to human health. In 1978, EPA was given the authority to issue approvals for pesticides only after they are tested properly for toxicity and their effect on environment and public health is completely understood.  NRDC, a New York based non-profit group established in 1970, aims at curbing pollution and global warming, and makes efforts to protect the eco-system by being one of the major influencers in environmental related policies.NRDC

NRDC has discovered that nearly 65% (10400) out of 16000 pesticides approved by EPA for use in agricultural and consumer products are under-tested or even untested, and are a threat to human health and the ecosystem. According to the study, EPA has used “conditional registration”, which as per the guidelines provided by the congress has to be has to very cautiously used for approving any pesticide and necessary tests have to be conducted to check the adverse effects of pesticides. NRDC has argued that EPA has not been transparent in approving these pesticides and many pesticides were approved without being tested for toxicity.

NRDC’s report has highlighted two conditionally approved pesticides namely nanosilver and clothianidin that pose a threat to the human health as well as the environment. NRDC has asked EPA to cancel the registration for these chemicals without more ado and to use the conditional registration in very rare cases.

EPA has accepted that from 2004 to 2010 the conditional registration of pesticides was widely misused. NRDC also said that due to the unorganized database of EPA, it is very difficult to track the number of pesticides actually tested due to which NRDC has also asked EPA to track the pesticides approved under conditional registrations and make the data available publicly.

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