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Multi-Chip Module Market: Share Set For Broad Growth By 2016 – 2024

Multi-chip module (MCM) is expected to become an integral part of modern electronics systems in order to satisfy the increasing demand of electronic equipment miniaturization. It consists of two or more integrated chips that are electrically interconnected to a common circuit base. MCMs are normally mounted on a substrate by plastic molding and by a tape bonding or wire bonding on a printed circuit board. Multi-chip module technology is utilized extensively to support various functions of a semiconductor product. The global market of multi-chip module is expected to witness an exponential growth during the forecast from 2016 to 2024 owing to support the growing need of sleek electronic devices capable of providing high performance.

Moreover, increasing demand for semiconductor products having low electromagnetic interference and high capacitance is also anticipated to trigger the need of multi-chip module in the coming eight years. In addition, advent of power efficient and smarter connecting devices such as smart television and different home automation products is also expected to boost the demand for multi-chip module during the forecast period. Further, multi-chip module integrates different chip in a single board and thus helps to curtail the manufacturing cost of various electronics devices. Thus, increasing need of various consumer electronics manufacturers to minimize manufacturing cost of the products is also predicted to augment the demand of multi-chip module in the coming years.

However, due to cyclic revenue inflow of the semiconductor industry is the primary factor anticipated to limit various industries to enter into the multi-chip module market. This in turn is expected to affect the market of multi-chip module market to some extent during the forecast period.

For providing detailed overview of the multi-chip module market, the market has been segmented on the basis of fabrication technology, application and geography. Based on various fabricating technology used in the manufacturing process of multi-chip module market can be categorized into Laminated MCM (MCM-L), Deposited MCM (MCM-D) and Ceramic substrate MCM (MCM-C). MCM-L technologies is based on the traditional printed circuit board technique where organic dielectrics and several layers of conductors are covered by pressure and heat cure technique. Owing to low cost and high density of MCM-L, this segment is utilized extensively across various semiconductor manufacturing industry and held the largest market share in 2015. On the other hand, due to impressive thermal match with silicon semiconductor, the MCM-D segment is anticipated to experience a promising growth in the coming years.

Multi-chip module also finds its application across different consumer electronics, medical, aerospace, telecommunications and automotive sectors among others. Among different application, multi-chip module is used extensively across various consumer electronics sector and generated the highest revenue in 2015. Rising demand for smart devices coupled with increasing need of consumer electronic miniaturization is predicted to drive the demand of multi-chip module from various consumer electronics manufacturers across different parts of the world. In addition, growing demand for multi-core technologies and embedded graphics is also expected to affect the demand of multi-chip module in the coming years.

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Geographically, North America generated the highest revenue in the multi-chip module market across different regions in 2015. High consumer base along with presence of large number of multi-chip module manufacturers is the primary factor behind this segment’s high market share. On the flip side, owing to high penetration of the multi-chip module market in North America, this region is expected to witness a sluggish growth rate in the coming years. However, in terms of growth, Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the most promising growth during the forecast period owing to increasing utilization of multi-chip module across different consumer electronics, telecommunication and automotive sectors.

The global multi-chip module market is fragmented in nature with the existence of different manufacturers. Some of the major players operating in the multi-chip module market include Intel Corp. (U.S), I.B.M (U.S), STMicroelectronics N.V. (Switzerland) and Infineon Technologies AG (Germany).

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