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Motorized and Smart Awnings Market – Vendors Expected to find Lucrative Growth Opportunities in Europe Region due to Growing Technological Prowess of Users

Awnings are primarily used to create a covering layer to exterior walls for protection from sunlight. Awnings are made of canvas woven from materials such as acrylic, cotton, and polyester. They can also be manufactured by laminating vinyl fabric on polyester fabric. These awnings are fixed by stretching tightly the awning sheet on metallic structures made from aluminum, steel, iron, or transparent materials. This framework structure is configured into the truss, planar, or space frame. These awnings are used above doors, windows, and sidewalks. The history of awning dates back to the ancient Egyptian & Syrian civilization. These awnings had extension arms hinged to join the facade. The arms of the awning operating system could be lowered or raised to protect against harsh sunlight. However, the early awning operating system had its own disadvantages such as fabric damage due to poor design, bad placement, and movement of awning fabric against the wall. Today, modernization in the form of motorized and smart awnings has eliminated some of these issues.The awning functionalities can be controlled with a push of a button or by using a smart app.

The motorized and smart awnings market is driven by technological innovations. Customers are looking forward to diverse smart awning products that are premium and luxurious in terms of designs and quality. Moreover, increasing demand for outdoor furniture, also known as patio furniture, which needs protection from sunlightand storm is anticipated to propel the motorized and smart awning market. Furthermore, there has been a rise in the number of public food & entertainment venues such as Fast Service Restaurants (FSRs), Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), bars, and pubs. In recent years, the motorized and smart awnings marketis expanding due to players canvassing their products to end-customers through online platforms. These players display their varied designs and product types on their online platform and have incorporated various technological elements to make their platform interactive. These factors are driving the motorized and smart awnings market. However, cheaper quality products available in the market are likely to hinder the motorized and smart awnings market. Additionally, cost-effective and quality products are expected to attract more customers creating an opportunistic market for existing players. The motorized and smart awnings market players are coming up with diverse control system components such as stylish remote controllers, sensors, and automation controllers are introduced by players. Moreover, market players are focusing on energy efficiency and convenient environments to improve utilitarian purpose of these motorized and smart awnings products.

The motorized and smart awnings market has been segmented based on type, application, component, distribution channel, end-user and region. In terms of type, the motorized and smart awnings market has been sub-segmented into box awning, semi-box awning, tub awning, and awning with winding border. Based on application, the market has beendivided into doors, windows, and patio & open spaces. In terms of component, the motorized and smart awnings market has been segregated into fabric, awning system, operating & technological system. The motorized and smart awning market is also bifurcated on the basis of distribution channel as through both online & offline channels. In terms of end-user, the motorized and smart awnings market has been divided into residential and commercial use.

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Key players operating in the global motorized and smart awnings market include Advaning Awnings (U.S.), AlekoAwning (U.S.), Americana Building Products (U.S.), Awntech Corporation (U.S.), NuImage Awnings (U.S.), Bradcot Awnings Direct (U.K.), Hangzhou SHY Sunshading Technology (China), Lamda Awnings Ltd. (U.K.), Riverside Works Ltd. (U.K.), Rödelbronn GmbH (VARISOL) (Germany). Presently, the motorized and smart awnings market is fragmented as there are many regional and local players in this market.

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