Mining Industry making the most of Dust Control Products


Usage of dust suppression and dust prevention solution for various applications in the mining, food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry has increased over the recent years. Growing prevalence of breathing ailments caused by excessive inhaling of dust has significantly increased the adoption of dust controlling solutions in recent times. Air pollution levels in major Asian metropolitan cities such as Beijing and New Delhi are rising at an alarming rate. This, in turn, is expected to fuel the growth of dust control market is Asia Pacific.

Rise in the global air dust level owing to robust industrialization, increasing construction activities and automobiles are raising serious concerns. Adverse effects of inhaling silica dust particles, especially by the workers in construction and mining industry are compelling mine owner and construction supervisors to deploy dust control solutions around work vicinities. Governments of various countries are laying down set of guidelines in order to control the emission of perilous dust. Regular inhaling of dust can cause critical lung disorders, hence, controlling and managing of exposure to airborne pollutants has become a major responsible.

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Robust Demand for Dust Control Solutions from the mining industry 

Dust is an apparent element in the mining industry and workers in the mining industry are frequently diagnosed with serious lung disorder or breathing ailment. Implementation of effective dust control solution is quite essential on mine sites. Thus, mine managers are rapidly adopting to dust control solutions. Further, these latest solutions help in preventing mechanical wear and tear. Various dust control solution providers are offering custom solutions such as advanced spray solution technology. For instance, Spraying Systems Co Australia is a leading provider of industrial nozzle solution based in Australia has dedicated dust solution department “AutoJet technologies” to manage dust in and around conveyors, ROM bins and stockpiles as well as for rail car and belt cleaning. Moreover, companies are offering expert professionals to undertake such complex dust control operations in order provide absolute customer satisfaction.

Arrival of Latest Dust Control Solutions

The latest dust control solutions offer cost-effective and efficient solutions to deal with severe dust problems. Over the recent past, various dust control products have surfaced in the market with different functionalities and are used across several industries. For example, the arrival of the spray cannon technology in expected to boost the global market for dust control in the near future. Spray cannon is a mechanical water gun used for suppressing dusting, which is proving to be an effective piece of equipment of late. Garic Ltd supplies few of most comprehensive dust control products including spray cannons to the market in UK.

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Dust controlling solution providers are actively focusing on offering customized services as per the client requirement. Growing global awareness to reduce dust has significantly increased the used dust cleaning products. This, in turn, is fueling the demand for dust control products with customized specifications.


The growth of mineral processing in emerging economies such as China, Brazil and India is likely to support the market growth of dust control. By 2024 end, the global market for dust control market is anticipated to stands at US$ 17.41 Billion in terms of value. In addition, the bulk of the demand for dust cleaning products is expected to be from the mining industry in upcoming years. The dust control market in North America is relatively larger than other major regions. North America is followed by Asia Pacific excluding Japan and projected to account for over 23% revenue share by 2016 end.

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