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Fine Dining with 3D Printing

3D printing is gaining momentum in areas such as building wheel chair to homes. It is way impressive that the testing is going on to check its viability on food to meet future needs. The companies are working on to check the method which can work for food sector. 

Food & 3D Printing 

One of the reasons why 3D printing is getting popular in restaurants and food services sector is the combination of efficiency and better quality control. The ‘Natural Machine’ is a company that manufactures a 3D printer with a name “Foodini.”

The machine offers a stainless-steel capsule that can contain food ingredients, and the user can navigate through touch screen control panel to prepare food. The researchers are focusing to provide better design parameters for food with 3D printing. If this gains a wide acceptability, the food service providers will be able to meet the fluctuating demand. Also, the cuisine can give an appeal to organoleptic properties.

If 3D printing is taken to the making of cakes for wedding, anniversaries, etc. the results can be jaw dropping. Dinara Kasko is one of the pioneers who is taking this approach in cake making.

Most people are likely to love sweet treat more if 3D printing is used in making them. Alternatively, 3D printing food is the answer for people looking for sustainable food. For instance, the 3D print machine such as Foodini can cut down on wastage. Also, the students of Dutch University are studying the method to make food from wasted food. Their study shows impressive results in transforming waste from food, vegetable, and fruits.

3D printing can bring major shifts in the culinary industries if the technology is commercialized.

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