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Elevator Giant Otis Remodeling into a Digital Organization

The industrial space is high on the wave of digital transformation. The increasing deployment of IoT in the manufacturing industry has transformed the entire industrial ecosystem. Besides, digital twin, advanced data analytics, and other components of the industrial Internet have gained momentum. Thanks to rapid urbanization and technological advancements, Otis has rolled up its sleeves to transform into a digital organization.

Otis is in the mid of remodeling itself as a digital industrial company to match up to the demands of its consumers. Further, user requirement has evolved drastically with smart cities, intelligent buildings, and hyper-connectivity. Therefore, the company is combining new digital capabilities and its equipment and tools to improve response time and enhance transparency.

Sebi Joseph, President, Otis India said, “Otis is at a unique position to understand traffic patterns inside the four walls of a building. The company collects data to understand how buildings are used and operated and how people move inside buildings. As a result, this can help them reach their destinations quickly, comfortably, and safely.

Otis to Design and Develop Smart Elevators

As of now, Otis is working on designing and developing smart elevators, capable of communicating with passengers, service staff, building managers, and other building systems. “Otis has built, introduced, and continues to improve its service apps portfolio. It has introduced functions that improves efficiency of technicians. Further, it makes them proactive with systems that enhance and expedite predictive maintenance, customer communication, and ride quality,” he added.

As a part of iPhone deployment, the company has established a digital collaboration app to support communication for technicians and mechanic. Thus, it removes language barriers and allows customers gain benefits of the knowledge of over 33,000 technicians in real-time.

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