Compact, Light-weight Electronic Devices to Drive Demand for Adhesive Films – Market Insights

An adhesive film is a thin film or sheet composed of materials such as textile, paper, plastic or polymer with a thin layer of adhesives that adhere or bond to the surface. Adhesive films are utilized in several industries owing to their wide ranges of ... Continue Reading →
Future Market Insights

India Construction Chemicals Market to Reach US$ 1,890 Mn by 2020, Driven by Increasing Infrastructure Investment Coupled with Vertical Growth in Metros: Future Market Insights

London, February, 2015: Future Market Insights (FMI) announces the release of its latest report titled, “India Construction Chemicals, Market Opportunity; 2014 to 2020 Forecast”. According to the report, the India construction chemical market was ... Continue Reading →

One-Fifth of Canadian Oil and Gas Players Mulling Job Cuts as Oil Prices Remain Fickle

Mercer LLC, a human resource consulting firm in latest survey says that one among every five companies in Canada’s oil and gas sector is considering axing jobs as prices of oil continue to show a downward trend. And, about one-fourth of Canadian companies ... Continue Reading →

ADHD Risk in Kids May be Heightened by High Exposure to Household Pesticides

Hundreds of studies have being commissioned to understand the exact causes of mental health disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism, but scientists are still searching for a definitive and conclusive answer to these ... Continue Reading →

UV Adhesives Grow as the Industry Shifts to Eco-friendly Materials – Market Insights

Adhesives are binding material applied secure joint between two surfaces or substrates. Adhesives usually require curing to bond to the substrate. There are various curing techniques that can be used while application such as chemical curing, heat curing, ... Continue Reading →

Emergence of Unconventional Gas in North America and Demand from End Use Industries in Asia Pacific Drives Global Petrochemicals Market

Petrochemicals are widely used in various end use industries including construction, automobile and packaging. So the growth of petrochemicals is directly linked with the growth of these industries. The growing demand from major end use industries and ... Continue Reading →

Increasing Demand from the Food and Beverages Industry Set to Drive the Peracetic Acid Market

Peracetic acid is one of the most important disinfectants used in the chemical industry. Peracetic acid is produced from the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid along with catalysts that carry out the reaction. The peracetic acid yield ... Continue Reading →

Increasing Need of Sustainable and Green Manufacturing Techniques to Spur the Growth of Flow Chemistry

In flow chemistry, two or more reagents can be mixed within a few seconds and the reaction temperature of the system can be raised above the boiling point of the solvent thus resulting in quicker reactions. Flow chemistry offers a wide range of benefits ... Continue Reading →

Increasing Demand from Automobile Industry is Expected to Boost Demand for Welding Consumables

Welding is a fabrication process in which metals or thermoplastics are joined together with the help of coalescence. Filler metals melt with joining materials and are consumed during the welding process. Flux is used to produce a gas shield around the ... Continue Reading →