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An Open Source Tool to Spy Smart Home Devices

Scientists at Princeton University have developed a web app to spy smart home devices. This open source tool, named IoT Inspector is available to download for Mac OS. The software for Windows and Linux will be coming very soon.

Researchers said that they are aiming to offer a simple tool for analyzing their network traffic. Simply, the idea is to monitor the connected devices in the home and their data sharing with third parties.

The Tool is Efficient to Track Smart Home Devices

During tests, the tool found that Chromecast devices are contacting Google’s server. Further, Geeni smart bulb is also in contact with the cloud and the URLs, which has a connection with the China-based company. This company has a platform that can control IoT devices.

There are other numerous platforms for tracking devices such as Wireshark. However, these are hard to handle and thus require technical expertise. Whereas, the current app doesn’t require any special hardware system or technical expertise to observe the traffic.

However, the team at Princeton cautioned that they wanted to use the gathered data for IoT research. Through this data, the efforts on the study of the smart home devices will be easier.

The researchers have produced a large number of FAQ, which can be helpful for spying on the smart home devices. With the help of it, the software makes it easier to spy on network traffic of the smart home devices.

This tool is not that efficient to track computers, smartphones, and tablets as it has focused on smart home devices. Users can manually exclude smart devices from the tracking systems.

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