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AI to Complement Humans at Work

With increasing development in technology, artificial intelligence or AI has gained huge popularity these days. Experts predict multiple possibilities as the outcome of AI’s impact on multiple application across different domains. However, the possibilities bifurcate the experts between the supporters and haters of the technology. On one hand, supporters believe that AI shall add greater value to a business, making it more successful. Whereas, “non-supporters” believe that the technology shall trim job opportunities.

Both arguments are logical and empirical, but, none are firmly true. According to Andy Kessler, the future happens, just not the way people expect it to happen. Later, he illustrates this showing the shopping list of people last decade. This explains how decision making has changed over the period of time.

Myth Buster: AI will NOT Snatch Your Jobs

Artificial Intelligence is merely a technology designed to make processes easier for employees. Humans write the algorithms, and will constantly keep an eye on the developments. Since the human intervention is imperative, the algorithms will have errors and humans will have to step-in to resolve them.

On the other hand, employees can have a better atmosphere at workstations with AI. The technology provides various facilities that make their jobs easy, safe, and more productive. Moreover, the recent developments in AI have proven helpful for employees than rendering them jobless.

Human + AI= Success 

Various sectors such as manufacturing and oil & gas require manpower to have the best output. According to studies, cognitive forces of AI and humans have elevated the profit quotient of these businesses than relying on a single resource at a time.

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