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AI Robot Taking Care in Future for Lonely Elderly People

An American sci-fi comedy-drama film Robot and Frank envisioned a future where robots could do nearly everything people could. Scientists provided a robot butler to an old person living alone. The robot was equipped for everything from cooking and socializing to cleaning (and, it turned out, burglary).This sort of sci-fi may end up being an astounding visionary. This is because rising population of old-age people need care. In addition, scientists trust that robots could be one approach to address the demand, which is overwhelming.

On a recent study, fact that came into light is 68% of individuals came into support with robots. They say that are gainful owing to the help they can provide to individuals. Further, just 26% people were alright with a robot giving them company in clinic or hospital. Most of the robotics scientists are for bringing together robotics technology on a broader scale. Further, they trust it could decrease loneliness and rise feeling of freedom among old-age patients.

Genie Connect is All Set to do Daily Life Tasks

A startup company, Service Robotics established by COO Tim Morgan, and CEO Rob Parkes has invented Genie Connect.

It is a companion robot service, which uses a friendly, intuitive voice enabled robot to provide support and connectivity to the old people of the U.K. Genie Connect utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to play sound and video dependent on the consumers’ individual choices. It can also monitor the everyday jobs like at night turning on the porch lights, and connecting to the people outside world.

The pilot of this innovation will incorporate a miniature size of the Genie Connect, which concentrates carefully around the battling with loneliness. Future plans include integrating the robot in smart wearables and appliances. The scientists say they are right now looking for stage II finance to future innovation of Genie Connect.

However, social robots will have technologies; also, their purpose is to help the elderly.

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