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Advanced Technology is Key to Successful Smart Cities Mission

What is a smart city? Experts say that the approach to promote cities which provide core infrastructure with modern lifestyle is the closest answer. But, what is ‘Smart City’ without technology or the application of ‘Smart’ solutions?

Given that half of the Indian population is going to reside in urban areas by 2050, the mission should start from the city upgradation. However, the current scenario speaks that the smart cities mission in India has covered 31 projects worth Rs.1, 882 crore. But the disappointment arises when such giant projects are still under implementation or awaiting allocation of tenders. However, experts pointed out that there’s only one aspect that holds key to fill this critical gap. They mentioned the smart cities mission could only be accelerated with the rapid use of advanced technology and digitization.

IoT will Transform Construction by 2025, Experts Predict

Construction technologies include pre-cast concrete, 3D constructible building information modeling (BIM), and pre-fabrication largely available in this 21st century. These advanced technologies aid in building new and modern structures at a faster pace with higher accuracy and efficiency. For instance, Trimble’s flagship Tekla Structures – a software which allows the advance testing of a building’s construction. Such software also ensures time management and better cost. In fact, the Nasdaq-listed Trimble Inc.’s technologies took part in the Chennai and Delhi metro projects and railway projects.

Rajan Aiyer, Trimble’s MD says that in this era, not only high-end technologies but also process such as mixed reality (MR) is at its peak. However, many Indian companies are also eager to embrace such processes since they intend to improve accuracy up to 80%. Although, the construction industry in India is yet to leverage the power of MR. However, the popularity of HoloLens can be a vital cog in the India’s smart cities mission.

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