3 Significant Trends Propelling Growth of the Europe Cryochambers Market

Recently, various healthcare-related industries are witnessed to increasingly adopt solutions for cryotherapy. Healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics are increasingly adopting cryotherapy solutions for treating patients that of cancer, increasing metabolism rate, reducing chronic fatigue and pain. Moreover, various companies operating in the beauty industry have further witnessed an upsurge in demand for cryochambers for skin-changing facials at a speed for reviving radiance on the skin.

The cryochambers market in Europe is expected to witness a growth of 5.4% CAGR over the forecast period, 2016-2024. The dermatology and beauty are likely to be the most lucrative applications among other segments whereas, beauty spa and fitness center will represent the most lucrative end user in the coming years. Moreover, cryochambers will majorly find application for treatment of muscle soreness and sports injury over the coming years.

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Various trends fuelling growth of the cryochambers market in Europe include,

  1. Skin-related Treatment:

With increasing skin-related problems among people, various medical institutions and organizations have adopted solutions such as cryotherapy. Moreover, cryochambers have increasingly been adopted in various clinics and beauty-related institutions in order to offer services for radiant skin in Europe. In addition, increasing need for stimulating psychological reactions in the human body have led to an upsurge in demand for cryochambers in Europe.

Beauty and dermatology related applications will represent lucrative applications among others over the coming years. Moreover, cryochambers in Poland will represent the fastest growing market for cryochambers in Poland in the coming years. In addition, cryochambers are likely to witness a surge in physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers virtually over the coming years. Furthermore, majority of the rehabilitation and physiotherapy center is equipped with multiple or individual person cryochambers. Such factors are likely to contribute towards growth of the global cryochambers market in the coming years.

  1. Multiple Applications :

Apart from applications in various companies that are operating in the healthcare industry, cryochambers witnesses an upsurge in adoption among beauty-related companies in the coming years. Moreover, with increasing injuries caused by various sports activities, cryochambers will witness a surge in demand in medical and healthcare institutions over the coming years. In addition, dermatological issues have further revved up demand for cryochambers in the coming years. Such factors are likely to impact growth of the cryochambers market in Europe positively over the coming years.

Beauty and dermatological applications have led to an upsurge in demand for cryochambers in the coming years. Moreover, muscle soreness and sports injuries among other treatments will significantly fuel demand for cryochambers for the treatments over the coming years.

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  1. Regional Analysis:

Poland among other countries will represent the leading market in Europe over the coming years. Moreover, Germany, U.K., and France along with Poland will further dominate the market in Europe with over 10% revenue share in the coming years. The market in Poland will create incremental opportunity of around US$ 6 Mn in the span of next seven years. In addition, two-third of the revenues generated in the Europe cryochambers market will be accounted by sales of multiple-person units over the coming years.

Overall, cryochambers are increasingly witnessing an upsurge in demand, with surge in sports injuries and muscle soreness in the coming years. Moreover, due to application in multiple applications such as beauty, dermatology, spas, stress treatment and various others, cryochambers witness an upsurge in demand in the market of Europe significantly.

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