Africa Emerging as an Attractive Market for Printer Manufacturers

During the recent years, African continent has emerged as an attractive market for printer manufacturers as the demand in this region experienced steady growth despite the volatility in the global demand for printers. The shift from black and white printing ... Continue Reading →

Transactional Messages and Promotional Campaigns to Drive the Growth of A2P SMS Market

SMS is a discreet and ubiquitous technique of reaching everyone using basic feature phone without any additional access to data services. SMS sent from mobile subscribers to web applications is known as person-to-application (P2A) messaging. SMS can also ... Continue Reading →

High Pressure Grinding Rollers (HPGR) are Experiencing Increased Demand from Hard Rock Mining Applications

High Pressure Grinding Rollers (HPGR) are comminution equipment which compete against other technologies such as semi-autogenous (SAG) mills and ball mills. Key benefits of HPGR technology include lesser energy consumption, leading to lower operating ... Continue Reading →

Introduction of 4-D Imaging Technology is Increasing the Uptake of Ultrasound Devices Market

Ultrasound devices are utilized by physicians and radiologist for diagnosing various diseases such as abdominal disorders, gynecological and others. Nowadays, ultrasound devices are gaining popularity amongst radiologist owing to their efficiency in detecting ... Continue Reading →

Contrast and Nuclear Imaging Reagents: Propelling the Growth of Global Medical Imaging Reagents Market

Medical imaging reagents play an important role in diagnostic, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology medical and life science industries. Medical imaging reagents are chemicals that are specially designed to enhance images produced through imaging systems. Medical ... Continue Reading →

Analysis – New Google Nexus line and Android Lollipop

Google finally announced the highly anticipated Nexus line of smart devices on October 15th. The two devices, the Nexus 6 smart phone and its Nexus 9 tablet were both launched simultaneously. But are there devices credible upgrades from their predecessors ... Continue Reading →

Novel Hybrid and Non-Mydriatic Fundus Cameras to Swill Down Mydriatic Retinal Imaging Devices

Fundus cameras are specialized ophthalmic imaging devices that aids in capturing images of retina, neurosensory tissue and other posterior parts of eyes. these cameras are widely used in diagnosing several retinal disorders which include age related macular ... Continue Reading →

Aging Water Infrastructure and Need to Reduce Water Loss Drives the Growth of Smart Water Management (SWM) Market

Demand for water continues to grow due to modernization and industrialization. Continuously growing urban population is creating the demand for smart water management systems in urban area. In 1900, about 13% of people lived in cities; however, this has ... Continue Reading →

E-commerce – Threat to traditional retail or fair market game?

The Diwali buying season is on and e-commerce giants are scrambling to get a piece of the action. But the massive Big Billion Sale by Flipkart where it sold millions of dollars worth of goods in a single day at slashed down prices made many question the ... Continue Reading →