Google flexes its political arm ahead of Congressional elections

For years it has been the policy of multiple banks and particularly investment firms to pummel massive amounts of funds to lobby ideas within the US Congress. Now as tech firms rise into even greater prominence, they want their opinions to be reflected ... Continue Reading →

Increasing Demand for MRI Technology is Expected to Boost the Demand for Superconducting Materials in the Medical Industry

Superconducting materials are elements which exhibit the property of superconductivity. These materials can be classified into ceramics, organic materials, and metals that lose the resistance to flow of electrical current below a certain temperature known ... Continue Reading →

Medical Devices and Home Healthcare Treatment to Augment Medical Polymers Market

Medical polymers are polymers with a specific grade which are used in the manufacture of numerous devices and equipment such as catheters, implants, tubes, syringes and other surgical products. Additionally, these polymers are used in the manufacture ... Continue Reading →

Manchester United set to reveal season losses

Manchester United is soon going to reveal the precise cost to losing out on the Champions league this season. And the according to estimates the amount is going to be mammoth. The club has estimated that revenues this season will fall by about 45 Million ... Continue Reading →

Santana Moss lashes out at fans after defeat

The heat of the game often spills out among opposing teams. But this time it spilled over to the “fans” of the opposing team. Late in the third quarter when the Washington Redskins were close to defeat with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, veteran player wide ... Continue Reading →

Giancarlo Stanton moves from free agency to a multi-million dollar contract with Miami

The lavish baseball team, the Miami Marlins made the headlines again when its lead player Giancarlo Stanton signed a 13-year contract worth $325 Million. Stanton is the MVP runner up and the contract represents one of the most expensive pay checks in ... Continue Reading →

Rising Industrialization Globally Driving Industrial Sludge Treatment Chemicals Demand

Industrial sludge is generated during the wastewater treatment process. Wastewater released by different industries contains a large amount of water, microorganisms and organic and inorganic constituents. Sludge requires further treatment to reduce its ... Continue Reading →

Rising Demand from the Packaging Industry Set to Propel the Flexographic Printing Inks Market

Flexographic printing is one of the most important conventional printing processes. The flexographic printing process is used primarily on flexible materials such as corrugated boxes, paper and plastic bags, folding cartons, milk cartons, disposable cups, ... Continue Reading →

Growing Paints & Coating Industry Augments Epoxy Resins Market

Epoxy resins are thermosetting polymers containing epoxide as a basic functional group. Curing of epoxy resins is done either by cross reacting with themselves or with the help of curing agents such as amines, acids, thiols and phenols. The basic raw ... Continue Reading →