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Key Trends of the Global Biosensor Market and their Impact on Market Growth

Biosensors refer to integrated devices which have the ability to provide analytical data using biological samples. These sensors consist of a biological recognition unit, which interacts with bio-elements, and a transducer, which is used to transfer the ... Continue Reading →
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Favorable Regulations to Drive Bioplastics Packaging Market for Food and Beverages

Bioplastics packaging sector for food and beverages has gained importance in the past few decades due to a large number of problems associated with conventional plastics used for packaging. Excessive use of conventional, non-biodegradable plastics has ... Continue Reading →
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How the Past and Present Trends in Bioinformatics Industry will Shape its Future

Bioinformatics uses computers to store and evaluate molecular biological data. This data is stored in a digital format. Bioinformatics can help solve complex problems of molecular biology. It can also help predict the outcome of biological processes and ... Continue Reading →

Novel Drug Delivery Systems in Cancer Treatment: Promises and Challenges

Novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) such as liquid embolics, embolization particles, and nanoparticles have emerged as a promising technology to treat patients suffering from various types of cancer. Transparency Market Research (, ... Continue Reading →

Abby Wambach withdraws gender discrimination case

The USA forward Abby Wambach and a group of fellow players have withdrawn their complaint of gender discrimination over the artificial turf fields to be used for this year’s women’s World Cup in Canada. The artificial turf became a contentious issue ... Continue Reading →

Hope Solo dismissed from playing for a 30 days under suspension

Just months after Hope Solo was accused and subsequently acquitted by the judge in Washington, Solo has been suspended from the US Soccer team for a period of 30 days by the decision of the football Federation. Reportedly, the reason being cited for the ... Continue Reading →

Mike Ashley drops stake in Sports Direct

In an unexpected turn of events, Mike Ashley is selling a 2.6% stake in British retailing group Sports Direct, worth £117m, in a deal with US bank Goldman Sachs. This will bring down his total stake to 55%. Ashley is one of the co-founders of the group ... Continue Reading →

Indiscriminate war over football: ISIL kills 13 teenage boys for watching a game

At a time and age where for most of the football loving free world the biggest concerns lie in FIFA bidding corruption and a few racial slurs during a heated game, in the Middle East teenage boys are getting killed for watching a game. The heinous ISIL ... Continue Reading →

Bio-absorbable Stents: An Innovative Way to Treat Coronary Artery Diseases

Coronary stents find usage in world’s most potent and largest killers: coronary artery diseases. Cardiovascular diseases kill most number of people each year worldwide, and among them coronary artery diseases demonstrate the highest contribution. Use ... Continue Reading →