Is Growth of Digital Communication Hampering Coated Paper Market?

Coated paper is a plain paper (often called a substrate) that contains a thin layer of coating materials such as kaolin clay, styrene butadiene latex (SB latex), wax, polythene, or aluminum. It has a gloss and matte finish, and finds wide application ... Continue Reading →
Textile Chemicals Market : Asia Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020

Textile Industry’s Focus on Safe Chemicals Key Trend in Textile Chemicals Market

Chemicals have been used in the textile industry for a long time, however concerns about the harmful impact of certain chemicals has meant that manufacturers and end-use companies have to shift their focus on safe and eco-friendly chemicals. The global ... Continue Reading →

Ostomy Drainage Bags Market – Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2022

This report provides an in-d epth analysis of the global ostomy drainage bags market. The stakeholders for this report include companies involved in development, manufacturing, distribution, and commercialization of ostomy drainage bags, and new entrants ... Continue Reading →

The King of Soaps…!!!

Girls who just can’t live without their personal care products such as soaps and bodywashes better know that soda ash is the main ingredient of these detergents and soaps. Soda Ash is a white colored chemical compound that has a range of applications. ... Continue Reading →
Textile Chemicals Market : Asia Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020

Asia Pacific to Remain the Most Lucrative Market for Flat Panel Displays

Flat panel displays have come a long way since liquid crystal was first used to manufacture a display in the year 1963. Today, flat panel displays are being prominently used in a wide range of applications, with smartphones and TVs being the most dominant ... Continue Reading →

Map of Chemistry of Fauna in Amazon Forest Successfully Created by Carnegie Scientists

The Amazon rainforest is teeming with hundreds of plants and trees that produce unique sets of chemicals to keep herbivores at bay or to capture that rare ray of sunlight or help pollination. Now, a team of researchers has used data previously gathered ... Continue Reading →

Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2022

Biomedical refrigerators and freezers are medical devices that are used for storage of biological samples such as blood, blood derivatives, vaccine, medicines, biological reagents, and flammable chemicals. Unlike domestic refrigerators and freezers, ... Continue Reading →

Increasing Incidences of TB and Rising Demand for Advanced Diagnostic Tests are expected to drive the Growth of TB Testing Market

Tuberculosis (TB) accounts for a large share of the global infectious disease burden. The disease was most widespread between 1950s and 1960s across the world and the WHO declared TB as a global emergency in 1993. According to the WHO, approximately 9 ... Continue Reading →
Persistence Market Research

Improved Luggage Technology and Increase in Travelers Boosts Demand from Luggage Market

Travel bags sales have increased substantially with in numbers of high-worth individuals, overseas students, and business travelers. Improvements in luggage and increasing business activities are among the many reasons for of the travel bags market. Travel ... Continue Reading →