Increasing Promotional Activities of Various Corporate Brands and Rising Number of Sports Events Driving the Growth of Outdoor LED Displays Market

LED (light emitting diodes) displays are flat panel displays which are used for outdoor applications. Outdoor displays include billboards, store signs, advertising boards, stadium scoreboards, rental screens, video walls and traffic lights. Outdoor LED ... Continue Reading →

Rising Need for Optimization of Distribution Loss is Driving the Distribution Automation Market

Distribution automation (DA) includes various technologies and protocols such as processors, sensors, switches and communications which monitor and control electric distribution systems without human involvement. It increases the distribution system’s ... Continue Reading →

City crosses fingers as they face their decisive game against Munich

Manchester City’s Stevan Jovetic has admitted that the time for talking is indeed over for Manchester City as the team goes downhill in the Champions League. After losing to the Russians a week before, City has now dropped to the bottom of Group E. The ... Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola gets fizzy over FIFA bidding controversy

In the past few weeks FIFA seemed to be under fire from every direction over the bidding case. And now its core sponsor for 40 years has expressed their growing concern as well. Coca-Cola had been silently observing the recent developments for weeks and ... Continue Reading →

FIFA finally bows, will allow probe into alleged misconduct

The ethics judge of FIFA, Hans-Joachim Eckert and FIFA investigator Michael Garcia have agreed after a meeting that they probing process into the case of FIFA being involved in corrupt practices which let to Qatar getting the hosting bid for FIFA 2018. According ... Continue Reading →

FIFA without 54 leading football nations?

The President of the German League has told FIFA board that UEFA’s 54 national teams will quit the World Cup if a report into World Cup bidding has not been published with full citation as to how Qatar, one of the hottest nations during summer of ... Continue Reading →

Google flexes its political arm ahead of Congressional elections

For years it has been the policy of multiple banks and particularly investment firms to pummel massive amounts of funds to lobby ideas within the US Congress. Now as tech firms rise into even greater prominence, they want their opinions to be reflected ... Continue Reading →

Increasing Demand for MRI Technology is Expected to Boost the Demand for Superconducting Materials in the Medical Industry

Superconducting materials are elements which exhibit the property of superconductivity. These materials can be classified into ceramics, organic materials, and metals that lose the resistance to flow of electrical current below a certain temperature known ... Continue Reading →