Challenges in Controlling Coronavirus Appears as Never-Ending Research Process


Lately, outbreak of coronavirus in China is a breaking news. And from there it is spreading in different parts of the world. Precisely, Wuhan has become the center of outbreak of the infection. Till January 28, 4,587 cases of infection with the virus has come into picture wherein 4,528 cases were in China itself. According to European Center of Disease Prevention and Control, total number of death due to coronavirus is 106, all from China.  Altogether, 16 countries are reporting the presence of coronavirus infection, so far.

To avoid further cases of coronavirus infection, people exhibiting symptoms of infection are under medical scrutiny. At the same time, various countries have undertaken initiatives to screen international travelers at the airport. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of pneumonia-like illness are directly being sent to hospital. However, scientists doubt if it will help in halting the epidemic.

The virus is named as 2019 novel coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV. The condition is similar, but not same, to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Shortness of breath, fever, pneumonia, and fever are some of the symptoms identifying the infection as of now. Although, people with coronavirus infection are not showing any trace of infection in initial days. In addition, the virus is highly transmissible in nature.

Lack of Proper Shield Against Coronavirus

To avoid transmission of virus from one person to another, China has been taking lots of initiatives. From banning New Year parties, and outdoor celebrations to keeping people in quarantine. People are using masks, however, there is high chance that it might not bring any major change. The masks might help reduce the density of virus in the air, but the probability of inhaling will remain the same.

On the other hand, researchers are trying to find a suitable antidote for the virus. However, copying mechanism of coronavirus is making difficult for them to find the exact structure of the same.

Scientists are still trying to come down to a conclusion whether the virus is an infectious one or a deadly one. If aim of virus is to multiply, it needs a host for that.

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