New Nanoscale Sensors for Measuring the Pressure on the Materials


Every material has a breaking point. However, to know the maximum limit of the pressure resistance capacity of the material is a major challenge. Though there are several techniques and equipment that can calculate the strength of the material. There is a high demand for a better solution. To cater to this demand, the researchers at Iowa State University have come up with a revolutionary nanosensor for imaging and screening of the pressure at the material. The research led by Valery Levitas and Anson Marston resulted in the development of the new sensors.

Moreover, the researchers can now effectively image and monitor the variation in the material’s volume due to high pressure. To provide proof of the concept and demonstrate the efficiency of the sensors, the scientists focused on the nitrogen molecules present in diamonds.

How Nitrogen Variation Provide Efficient Sensors?

When the material experiences compression under high-pressure, the nitrogen present in the material escapes the latency. The new sensors analyze the escaping nitrogen molecules and can deduce the amount of pressure that the material is baring per square inches. These nanosensors have the capability of powerful computation and make complex calculations in real-time.

How Other Technologies are Adding Value?

Technologies like IoT and AI are highly trending these days. However, the implementation of these technologies can uplift the performance of the new sensors. This is because these technologies use data that can help the devices improve their operations. Hence, if applied, technologies like the Internet of Things can improve the data collection and predict the maximum pressure exerted on the materials.

Moreover, AI has a different role in the development of these nanoscale sensors altogether. The technology can provide intelligence to the sensors that can predict the strength of the material based on the data fed to the model. However, these implementations are yet to be put under the action. Till then, the new nanoscale sensors are the pinnacle of science and technology for manufacturing, construction, and building industry.

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