Toyota to Bring the Aygo in Electric Version for Europe Markets

Toyota to Bring the Aygo in Electric Version for Europe Markets


Toyota will not give up on its minicar segment in Europe. This move is completely opposite to its rivals such as Opel and Ford. However, Toyota is thinking about making the next version of Aygo to be an electric one.

The present model of Aygo, since its launch in 2014, will surely get a new upgrade. Toyota’s CEO for Europe Johan Van Zyl recently confirmed this plan. The Aygo has been a very popular model for Toyota. The car has been received positive responses from both the spectrums of the consumers. Toyota feels that the minicar segment can still be profitable for them and is thus planning for things ahead.

Planning for the Future

The Aygo is presently the only car of Toyota that comes without a hybrid version. The company is now planning to replace the current model with an electric one as they see its urban usage.

The company is bringing in this version keeping in mind the future of urban transportation. Some cities have zones of no emissions and such developments may work in favor of the new version. Thus, Toyota’s vision for the Aygo is in line with future developments across the globe.

Moreover, the development partners of Toyota for the existing model of Aygo, also believe the need for developing a new electric version. Citroen and Peugeot are completely in sync with Toyota’s decision. Toyota is manufacturing the Aygo along Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108. This manufacturing plant is in Kolin, Czech Republic.

The first 10 months sale of Aygos in Europe is of around 83,030 models. This takes up to 3.7 percent of the market according to the market researchers of JATO Dynamics. Whereas Citroen C1 holds 1.9% with 44,399 units and Peugeot holds 1.4% percent of the market with 48,542 sales of the 108.

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