Global ESD Foam Packaging Market to Reach US$748.5 mn by 2025, Key Players to Focus on Strategic Collaborations

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The global electrostatic discharge (ESD) foam packaging market is characterized by a highly fragmented business landscape and unorganized structure. The presence of a large pool of local and small-scale manufacturers and distributors has kept the degree of competition significantly high in this market. Since entering this market is rather easy, the number of players will continue to increase in the near future, intensifying the competition. The leading players in this market are concentrating on price differentiation and adding new features to their products to sustain in this competitive environment. However, over the coming years, they are likely to involve more in strategic collaborations and consolidation activities. They will also focus on deepening their distribution channels in the near future. Electrotek Static Controls Pvt. Ltd., Statclean Technology (S) Pte Ltd., Conductive Containers Inc., and Helios Packaging are some of the key players in the global ESD foam packaging market.

According to a new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global intelligent pumps market will progress at a CAGR of 6.40% during the period from 2017 to 2025. In 2016, the market stood at US$424.4 mn and is expected to reach of US$748.5 mn by the end of the forecast period. Electrical and electronic components have surfaced as the main application areas of ESD foam packaging across the world.

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APEJ to Continue Dominating Global ESD Foam Packaging Market

In terms of the geography, the global ESD foam packaging market is classified into Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), the Middle East and Africa (MEA), North America, and Japan. Among these, the APEJ region has acquired the leading position and is foretold to remain on the top over the next few years. Thanks to the increasing penetration of Internet of Things (IoT), this regional market is anticipated to reach US$105.8 mn by 2025. Europe and North America are also predicted to register decent growth in their respective ESD foam packaging markets in the near future. The Middle East and Africa, however, will report a sluggish growth rate over the forecast period due to the lack of investments for future developments, reports the market study.

Need for Electronics and Electrical Devices Increases Demand for ESD Foam Packaging

“The global ESD foam packaging market is gaining significantly from the rising uptake of Internet of Things (IoT) across the world,” says an analyst at TMR. The increasing demand for various electronics and electrical devices in the telecom and automotive sectors is another important factor behind the growth of this market. These devices need proper packaging during transportation in order to maintain the integrity of their components. ESD foam possesses a relatively higher dimensional stability when compared to other packaging materials, which makes it ideal for electronic device packaging. Moreover, ESD foam can be cut into any shape to sync seamlessly with that of electronic equipment. Due to all these features, the demand for ESD foam for the packaging of electronic equipment has augmented, boosting the global ESD foam packaging market.

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Other than telecom and automotive, ESD foam packaging materials also find considerable application in the aerospace, manufacturing, and the military and defence sectors. The increasing application of integrated circuits in several smart consumer devices is also adding to the growth of this market, states the research report.

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