2,5-Dichloroaniline Market – Global Market Opportunity Assessment Study 2019


2,5 dichloroaniline, also known as m-Dichloroaniline and 3,5-Dichlorobenzenamine is a brown to white solid which has melting point 50oC to 53oC and boiling point 261oC. It is soluble in most organic solvents but insoluble in water. It is an amine which is used as an intermediate in the production of many products that include azo dyes, agricultural chemicals, pigments and pharmaceuticals among others. Aromatic amines are weaker bases than aliphatic.

The most important aromatic amine is aniline, an amine (primary) which gets replaced with an amino group in the place of hydrogen atom of benzene molecule. This substance can result in formation of methaemoglobin which may affect the blood. Prolonged or recurring exposure to this substance can be carcinogenic. Aniline can be produced commercially from nitrobenzene that is prepared from benzene with nitric acid through electrophilic substitution reaction and from chlorobenzene by heating with ammonia in the presence of copper analyst. The other form of obtaining aniline is as a byproduct of coal tar. The term of aniline oil in blue is known to be pure one whereas aniline red refers to as a mixture of toluidiness along with aniline in equimolecular weights.

2,5 dichloroaniline are used in wide areas of applications. Aniline in considerable quantity is converted into 4.4i methylenedianiline (MDA) which is used an a curing agent , intermediate to manufacture organic compounds that are used for azo dyes, spandex fibers and polyurethane, used as a corrosion inhibitor and molded plastics among others. Toluenediamine (TDA) is another significant aromatic amine compound that is used as a starting material in production of polyurethane foam. Mostly TDA is used in the production of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) that has prominent use in flexible foams and elastomers industries. Other applications of TDA include production of dyes, antioxidants, polyamides, fungicide stabilizers and hydraulic fluids. Aniline also has applications in the rubber industry. It is processed to manufacture a series of compounds that are used in the rubber industry such as mercaptobenzothiazoles, diphenylguanidines and aniline ketones among others. Aniline is a starting material in the dye manufacturing industry. It is known to form aniline colors which combine with substances such as chlorates and chlorine.

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One of the key driving factors for 2,5 dichloroaniline market is the increasing demand from the rubber and dye industry. Probable routes for human exposure to 2,5 dichloroaniline is through inhalation of skin contact. The clinical effects of 2,5 dichloroaniline are oxidation of iron in the hemoglobin ring to the ferric form leads to inability of hemoglobin to bind to transport oxygen., Tachycardia, hypotension, Dysrhythmias are common, CNS effects such as headache, confusion, altered consciousness and seizures among others. Therefore, exposure to 2,5 dichloroaniline is expected to show health hazards to a lesser extent.

Some of the key companies profiled in this market research report are Anhui Haihua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Aarti, Jai Radhe Sales, Huludao Tianbao Chemical Co., Ltd., Suqian Yongsheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Yashashvi Rasayan Pvt. Ltd and Wujiang Zhenrong Chemical Co., Ltd., among others.

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