Industrial High Voltage Motors Market Global, Regional and Country Wise Data Break up and Analysis in a Latest Research


Industrial High Voltage Motors Market: Introduction

  • Motors with voltage rating of 6.6 kV and above and rated output of 720 HP (horsepower) are considered as high voltage motors
  • Industrial high voltage motors are primarily considered as customized products. These type of industrial high voltage motors are increasingly being customized as per client’s specific requirement to meet the need of industrial operation
  • Customized industrial high voltage motors are significantly being adopted among different end-use industries such as oil & gas, water & wastewater treatment, chemicals & petrochemicals, power generation, metal processing, and utilities sector among others.
  • Industrial high voltage motors have full testing capabilities and thus, they are able to perform in challenging industrial environment
  • Industrial motors have long life and require minimum maintenance. Thus, they are widely used in varied industries for machine tools, power tools, household appliance etc.
  • Industrial motors are used in vehicles, mills and crushers, working machinery, fans and compressors, drilling, conveyers, separations and beneficial equipment.
  • In addition, motors are used in centrifuge pumps, diagnostic equipment, electric wheelchair and hospital beds, insulin and medicine pump.
  • Industrial high voltage motors market is highly competitive owing to the presence of large-scale companies. They are engaged in product innovation to sustain in this competitive environment.
industrial high voltage motors market

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Industrial High Voltage Motors Market: Dynamics

  • Increase in focus on energy efficiency in industrial sector due to high power consumption of motors used in industrial sector is one of the major factor driving the industrial high voltage motors market in the next few years
  • Industrial high voltage motors can be customized in terms of efficiency, voltage, and application. This is expected to promote the demand for industrial high voltage motors, thereby driving the market.
  • Technological advancements such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), offer ample opportunities for motor manufacturers to develop advanced industrial high voltage motors that can be utilized in diverse applications in different industries including automotive, construction and other industrial sectors
  • In addition, integration of automation technique in industrial sector has augmented the demand for industrial high voltage motors
  • However, high initial investment associated with purchase of industrial high voltage motors is expected to limit the growth of the market
  • In addition, high maintenance cost is anticipated to hamper the adoption of energy-efficient motors among users in various industrial sectors. This, in turn, is expected to restrain the industrial high voltage motors market in the near future.

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