Explosives & Narcotics Trace Detection (ETD) Market: Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored


Explosives and narcotics trace detectors refer to the equipment which allow the discovery of a small magnitude of narcotics and explosives. The detection is accomplished by sampling invisible trace amounts of particulates. This equipment is used in vulnerable areas considered susceptible to unlawful interference such as cargo facilities, access control points of critical infrastructure, and airports. The ETD technology is used to detain people handling narcotics and explosives and to identify traffickers of illicit material. Moreover, it restricts narcotics trafficking, thereby increasing homeland security.

The explosives and narcotics trace detection market is primarily driven by the increasing terrorism across the world. Terrorists and suicide bombers are some of the major perpetrators of terrorism incited by socio-political factors. Rapidly increasing security screening at different places including seaports, airports, and land border check points around the world is also boosting the global demand for ETD. Baggage and luggage are screened at airports and seaports to ensure that no explosive materials are present. Another important driver of this market is the government’s investment in countering terrorism. The Middle East and Asia Pacific are major areas of terrorism at present due to which governments are spending on newer technologies to help counter terrorism. Investments in explosive and narcotic trace detection equipment is likely to help the government prevent or reduce terrorism in these regions.

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A major restraining factor for this market is public safety hazards, given that explosive detection devices often have radioactive sources which prove to be harmful to humans. Another factor hindering the growth of explosives and narcotics trace detection is the high cost of operations and maintenance. Explosive trace detection devices are expensive and require extensive maintenance due to which the market is facing challenges. Innovation in technologies and a shift toward cost-effective and reliable explosive and narcotics trace detection devices are likely to create prominent opportunities in the market over the forecast period.

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