Heat Stress Monitor Market: Industry Trends And Developments

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Heat Stress Monitor Market – Introduction

Heat stress monitoring (HSM) is intended and created to assess prospective heat stress environments accurately and rapidly. These tools provide high-performance surveillance using sensing technology for Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) and the heat stress management standard. HSM is an important instrument for occupational and environmental health and security (OEHS) experts to measure relative moisture, wind velocity, radiant temperature, dry bulb ambient temperature and air pressure parameters that influence heat stress from subterranean mines to industrial workplaces under several circumstances. In athletics training operations, heat stress monitoring is used to define heat concentrations inside and on the field and to monitor the circumstances of the private body in order to prevent heat-related diseases. Exertional heat-related disease (EHRI) can result from athletic training and sports operations. EHRI includes several states that, while exercising during heat stress, afflict physically active people. Increasing focus on the health and safety of athletes during practice is thus driving the market for athletics and sports apps for heat stress monitoring.

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Heat Stress Monitor Market – Competitive Landscape

  • In June 2018, TSI Launched new line of noise, heat stress and environmental instrumentation that can help manage noisy environments. In addition to the Quest product line, TSI also launched the “Gas Monitor GM460” that can measure up to six gases concurrently. It is perfect for quick dust, perimeter monitoring and site remediation in harsh environments.
  • In April 2017, The Blueforce designed a solution for WBGT heat illness prevention through partnership with EHS authorities explicitly to offer an efficient tool for monitoring workers.


Established in 1978, headquartered in Boothwyn, the U.S., Nielsen-Kellerman company designs, manufactures and distributes waterproof, rugged environmental and sports performance instruments for technical applications and active lifestyles such as kestrel weather & environmental meters, NK electronics for rowing and paddling and kestrel ballistics meters for long range shooting accuracy.

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TSI Incorporated

Established in 1961, TSI Incorporated, headquartered in Minnesota, the U.S., is a company that designs and produces precision measurement instruments. TSI Incorporated operates tools that measure everything from atmospheric aerosols to the fit of a private respirator on both a global and a human scale. The company collaborates with research groups, colleges and universities and businesses around the world in order to set the standard for measurement expertise.

Extech Instruments

Founded in 1971, Extech Instruments is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, the U.S. Extech Instruments is a company that offers test and measurement tools for the professionals, tradesperson and DIY’ers.

Some of the significant players in the market are Extech (FLIR Systems), TSI Incorporated, LSI LASTEM s.r.l., Romteck Australia, Nielsen-Kellerman Co., REED Instruments, Runrite Electronics (Pty) LTD., Sato TES Electrical Electronic Corp., PCE Instruments and Keiryoki Mfg. Co., Ltd.

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