Camping Tent Market Key vendors, Quality, Reliability & Insights for next 5 years


Camping is an outdoor activity which involves overnight stays away from the home in a shelter, such as a tent, a caravan, or a motorhome. Generally, participants leave their comfort zones to spend time outdoors in more natural ones for enjoyment. A diverse range of camping apparatus is used for camping, hiking, and climbing. Moreover, taking part in activities like hiking, walking or a jog is a great form of aerobic exercise. Camping reduces stress. With the bustling city life, all it takes is a day in nature to reset the mind of any stress and worry. The peace and serenity of nature help calm human minds. A camping tent provides a place to store clothes and luggage. Similarly, a tent offers a place to go away for a little privacy. Camping tents provide protection from sun and rain.

The driving factor for the global camping tent market is increase in outdoor activities. Camping offers a way to spend time to connect with people and nature. One of the key driving factors of the global camping tent market is increased usage of smartphone and internet, enabling people to purchase camping tents easily and at discounts. Moreover, governments are investing considerably not only in tourism but also in specific areas where adventure and spending time outdoors can be done affordably. The rising interest in outdoor activities is driving the global camping tent market and it is expected that it will continue to grow in the projected period. Camping is generally done outside a city where basic facilities such as electricity, internet etc. may not be available. Camping tents may not be able to withstand critical atmospheres such as storms. These factors are hampering the camping tent market globally. Trends for the global camping tent market are production of camping tents with high quality material that can provide protection against all atmospheric conditions.

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The camping tent market is segmented on the basis of type, distribution channel, and geography. Based on type, the market is categorized into tunnel tent, dome tent, geodesic tent and others. Tunnel tent type sees high demand as it is lightweight and can be used in regions where the weather is moderate. The global camping tent market is bifurcated based on distribution channel into online and offline. Online distribution channel is more popular due to increased use of smartphones and digitalization. It is expected that the online distribution channel will dominate this market due to increase in e commerce business. Geographically, the global camping tent market is divided into North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific region, and South America. Camping is the most popular outdoor activity in countries around Europe, such as Austria, Norway, Germany, Russia, France, Sweden, and the U.K. that are investing significantly in this field due to increasing investments by respective governments in the tourism industry. Similarly, the Asia Pacific region that comprises countries such as China and India are expected to see huge growth for camping tent market due to increased participation in outdoor recreational activities.

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