A touch screen is a device meant for recording touch inputs, which are made by recording pressure changes on a display screen. For ensuring that these screens work properly, an intermediate medium is needed, which basically consist of the touch screen controllers. These controllers are circuits that act as an interface between a touch screen sensor and the device where the sensors are being used to control the system’s actions. These circuits can be plugged into the touch screen sensors along with the interface through the circuit board.

Touch screen controller are crucial components of touch screen devices, and feed pressure sensitive information to processors, who carry out the desired actions. A transparent surface is present in a touch screen sensor, which is surrounded by an array that provides relevant information to the processor. In this way, touch screen controllers along with the sensors enable users to utilize touch screens as an alternative input method to using keyboards or mice as a primary method of interacting with a device.

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Currently, there are several examples where touch screen controllers are used. These example range from smartphone and ATM kiosks to biometric systems and other door locking systems. The controllers could be manufactured from either a multi-touch or a single touch perspective, depending on the requirement. These controllers are also used with different types of touch screen sensors, i.e. resistive and capacitive sensors.

In case of capacitive touch screens, the sensors are attached to a panel mainly coated with indium tin oxide. A continuous electrical current is conducted across the sensor, which results in capacitance changes being detected in the circuit. Resistive touch screen panels showcase are made in such way that they can produce an electrically resistive layer. As soon as the electrical resistance changes are recorded as touch events, they are sent to the touch screen controllers to get processed.

A touch screen is a pressure sensitive device which sense pressure when touched on the display screen. Touch screen controller is an important device of a touch screen display. Increasing demand of smart electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other wearable devices using touch screen technology in their system is expected to increase the demand for Touch Screen Controller Market during the forecast period. Touch screen controllers are provide a real-time feel and extremely responsive while reducing power consumption, thus improving the effective life of a battery-driven device. The global Touch Screen Controller Market is expected to witness a steady growth during the forecast period from 2016 to 2024.

The global Touch Screen Controller Market is highly competitive in nature as the market is dominated by leading touch screen manufacturers across the globe. For providing detailed overview of the Touch Screen Controller Market, the market has been segmented on the basis of technology, interface, screen size, end use industryand geography. On the basis of technology the Touch Screen Controller Market has been segmented into resistive touch screen controller and capacitive touch screen controller. In addition, Touch Screen Controller Market is fragmented on the basis of end use industry such as consumer electronics, automotiveand healthcare among others. Furthermore, growing application of touch screen in automotive business is boosting the demand of touch screen controller during the forecast period. Mobile phones, tablets, phablets, laptops others electronic devices manufacturers use better touch screen facilities to provide a needful operation of their product.

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