Metallic Biocides Market Analysis, Growth, Demand & Forecast 2027

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Metallic Biocides Market: Product Introduction

  • Biocides are active chemical or biological compounds that are used to control the growth of harmful organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, or to kill them. Metallic biocides protect polymer dispersions from microbial contamination, which results in overall protection of the final formulation from microbial spoilage.
  • Metallic biocides are likely to witness substantial demand for use in dynamic systems, such as metalworking fluids, textiles, leather, and pesticides, wherein the parameters of temperature, pH, and ingredient compatibility are crucial.

Key Drivers and Restrains of Metallic Biocides Market

  • Demand for metallic biocides has been increasing due to rise in the consumption of these biocides in the paints & coatings industry. Additionally, extensive usage of metallic biocides in Asia Pacific led by growth of construction activities is fueling the paints & coatings industry in the region, thereby propelling the metallic biocides market in the region.
  • As per the recent statistics presented by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), by 2050, the urban areas would constitute about 70% of the global population. Such high rate of urbanization is expected to drive various industries including paints & coatings, oil & gas, and water treatment. This, in turn, would drive the market for metallic biocides during the forecast period.
  • Availability of substitutes for metallic biocides and regulatory restrictions over certain metallic biocides may hamper the market for metallic biocides
  • Significant demand for metallic biocides is expected to come from the global wood industry during the forecast period. Wood is susceptible to deterioration by attacks from insects, fungi, and marine boring animals. Several losses associated with wood deterioration can be prevented by using biocides as agents creating unsuitable conditions for microbial growth, which increases timber durability leading to forest conservation.

Silver-based Biocides to be an Expanding Product Segment

  • In terms of product, the global metallic biocides market can be classified into silver, copper & alloys, zinc, and others. In terms of volume, the silver segment is anticipated to expand significantly during the forecast period, due to non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable, and flammable properties of silver. Furthermore, silver biocide possesses high thermal stability and effectiveness. This is driving the demand for silver biocide in textile and medical applications.
  • Demand for metallic biocides is significantly rising in the medical segment due to high effectiveness of silver nanoparticles in infections on surfaces of bone implants. Furthermore, silver- and copper-based biocides are largely used in numerous medical applications such as wound dressings, medical textiles, medical device coatings, and sterilizers.

Oil & Gas Industry to Witness Significant Demand for Metallic Biocides

  • Based on end-use industry, the global metallic biocides market can be divided into paints & coatings, water treatment, medical, textiles & leather, wood preservation, agriculture, oil & gas, and others
  • Rise in offshore drilling activities to meet the global demand for crude oil and natural gas increases chances for microbial attacks causing corrosion and spoilage. Metallic biocides are expected to hold significant demand in oil & gas production, drilling, and processing activities by 2027, to protect the equipment from corrosion and prevent functional fluids spoilage.
  • Paints & coatings industry is likely to expand substantially during forecast period.  Paints and coatings are susceptible to contamination and degradation by a variety of microorganisms throughout their lifecycle. Silver based biocides demonstrate a broad level of antimicrobial effectiveness and are likely to hold strong potential in paints & coatings industry during forecast period.

Asia Pacific to be the Rapidly Expanding Market for Metallic Biocides

  • In terms of region, the global metallic biocides market can be divided into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • Asia Pacific is expected to be the rapidly expanding market for metallic biocides in the near future. The market in Asia Pacific has been expanding over the last few years, due to growth of paints & coatings and construction industries in China and India. Furthermore, robust industrial growth in Asia Pacific is a key factor propelling the metallic biocides market in the region. The metallic biocides market in developing economies of ASEAN has been expanding at a rapid pace. This is estimated to create lucrative opportunities for the market in the next few years.
  • North America is estimated to account for a major share of the global metallic biocides market, due to its mature economy and rise in awareness about usage of metallic biocides in the region. Additionally, flexible regulations about use of silver biocide, growth in initiatives toward identification of new application areas for metallic biocides, and presence of several leading players in the U.S. are primary factors driving the metallic biocides market in the region. 

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Key Manufacturers Operating in Market

The global metallic biocides market was highly fragmented in 2018. Key manufacturers operating in the global metallic biocides market include:

  • Clariant AG
  • Dow
  • Lonza Group Ltd.
  • Troy Corporation
  • Milliken Chemical Company
  • Sanitized AG
  • Steritouch Ltd.
  • Noble Biomaterials Inc.
  • Renaissance Chemicals Ltd.

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