Google Chrome Unveils New Content Sharing Clipboard


Portability of content has always been a daunting task for the developers and users. One can share an entire file using a variety of CRMs. However, copying particular lines from the content from the office’s system and using the same lines at the home systems has not been possible until now. This challenge of sharing a particular piece of content from one device to another is the reason that led to the development of new clipboard Google’s developers.

How Google Made it Possible to Copy Content From One Device and Use it in Another?

The developers at Google’s headquarters new that content sharing is an essential part for the developers across the globe. They made content sharing a three-step process which makes the new clipboard act like a CRM. All a user has to do is login into his/her Google account on the device from he/she wants the content. Once login is successful, a user can activate the clipboard from the settings menu and start using it.

How Will the New Feature Help Developers Across the Globe?

Shared clipboard will allow the developers to test a piece of code on various devices without sharing the entire program. This will enhance the mobility of the developers resulting in better quality and reliability of the code. It will also make the testing of a new program or algorithm easy and robust which will further improve the quality of the final product. Moreover, developers can also verify the credibility of codes depending upon the platform it is being run on.

For a testing phase, Google has launched the new feature in Chrome Canary. This version of Chrome is for developers who are willing to develop apps and software based on Google guidelines. Though the date is not fixed for the full-scale deployment of the feature yet the early arrival is anticipated.

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