Future-proofing the Future of Precision Medicines


Today precision medicines have started to gain considerable grounds in the healthcare market. These medicines are designed to improve the effectiveness or add therapeutic value for a select group of patients. Nevertheless, some foresighted healthcare businesses have begun the application of precision medicines production and sales.

What are the Approaches that can Ensure a Successful Future for Precision Medicines

According to Assaf Halevy, founder, and CEO of 2bPrecise, right from the start, businesses must update their infrastructure to handle the development of precision medicines. Being a CEO he understands that the job of a CIO has many risk factors. Of these, investment in advanced technology to support organizational needs is one of the riskiest jobs. This is because the requirement of the business changes and evolves dynamically. Moreover, the risk is even more acute when CIO plans the strategies to promote the newest addition in clinical care.

Businesses are facing challenges in leveraging genomic science insights which can help them improve their offerings. Halevy again states the importance of a sound genomic management strategy that can allow the businesses to add significant value to their business.

Secondly, while using a precision medicine platform, it is advisable to feed the data from a variety of labs. Organization as a whole is planning to incorporate precision medicines platform. Furthermore, there are various departments who have already begun molecular testing at minute levels. The data derived from these test have critical importance. Halevy advice, to ensure a good future in the precision medicines market, the platform and integrating technologies are must-have things that every business should have.

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