An Augmented Reality Tool for Virtual Training to Aid Techs


The Design Interactive, a software development company launched its virtual and augmented reality solution to aid virtual training of automotive equipment. Virtual equipment training is a new concept that offers training on virtual vehicles and equipment with the help of augmented reality. Such training session will be interactive and interesting than boring classroom training sessions.
Matt Johnston, Div Head, Design Interactive, says, the technicians can be trained virtually, even without a physical vehicle. This is possible through augmented reality. They need not wait for the vehicle to come to the shop. They can now undergo training from any part of the world. All that they need is a mobile phone which they surely will have in their pockets.
How Does Augmented Reality Function in Virtual Training? 
Matt Johnston further adds, the virtual equipment training is a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality in one software. The augmentor in virtual equipment training includes actual and virtual parts; it also consists of systems and vehicles in one software solution. This enables in quick and easy availability of training material. The technicians undergoing training will need a mobile device besides a HoLolens headset.
With this kind of software, suppliers can test new products under development. Using this method, technicians can develop and learn maintenance and repairs for upcoming products as well.
Not just this, the augmentor by Design Interactive will also showcase a new website for curating, editing, and distributing training materials and modules. This will be available for android and iOS users and HoLolnes headsets will also be available. The company further states that the latest updated content reduces other costs. Therefore, this solution can be deployed in multiple locations across the globe.