Oil and Gas Industry Leads the Way in Big Data

Business Technology

Despite the swift digitization, many retailers and service firms are skeptical about adopting big data. The reason is data available on third party’s server is vulnerable to breach.

Regardless of such fears, the oil and gas industry surpasses all the sectors in adopting big data. Further, it also practically uses data from offsite premises. Technologies such as internet of things (IoT) and fourth industrialization are emerging to fill any gap regarding data safety.

Big Data Tsunami Tide through Oil and Gas Sector- How?  

Darryl Willis, VP, Oil, Gas & Energy- Google Cloud says, the oil and gas sector must embrace the tsunami of big data. He also says there is nothing better than cloud based storage and computing.

Companies use drones for refinery mast and pipeline inspection, data collection, analysis, digital controlling of plants, and integrated asset management. However, the reliability that IoT and industry 4.0 offers about data generation and data feed are often ignored.

In a conference in Norway, a software firm Cognite points out that the oil and gas industry may generate 163 zettabytes of data by 2025. The focus for Google is on providing utmost data safety to the consumers.  At  the same time we need to be agile adds Darryl Willis.

For oil and gas industry the best option is adopt cloud based premise that provides exemplary service with the integration of IoT. The enormous amount of data generating from oilfileds and refineries will need huge cost for on premise storage. But, the off premise storage like cloud is not only safe but also cost efficient.

The cyber security system promises data safety, thus, the oil companies need not worry about the breach. Additionally, these companies can now focus on resources management than operational challenges.