Demand for Cargo Belt Growing in the logistics & transportation industry


Globalization leads to the need for transportation of goods over the longer distance. This will drive the demand for cargo belts in the logistics & transportation industry. During the transportation of goods, about one-fourth of the accidents occurred due to poor handling of goods, which can be avoided by using the cargo belt. They are used in light and heavy lorries, trailers trucks, ships, and air crafts. Cargo belt provides high strength which can hold pallet loads, crates, and other bulky items and also secures the goods. They are safe to use and are moisture resistant. Cargo belt used in industries such as automobile, logistics & transportation.

External-damage of goods can be avoided by using cargo belt. These belts come in different sizes, width, & lengths according to the product to be carried, which can be readily available. Cargo belt can be used in various combinations to handle and fasten cargo effectively. Cargo belt has three parts – a belt, a main frame and a rivet frame which provides high utility due to its high flexibility. Cargo belt have emerged as a cost-effective and highly efficient load-bundling & packaging solution. Cargo belt has also been beneficial to lift goods for storage or transportation.

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Cargo Belt Market: Dynamics

Improperly packed goods while transporting can lead to fatal accidents, loss of lives, and can cause an environmental hazard. Cargo belt provides a solution for safe transportation of goods by attaining minimal shifting. Cargo belt is lightweight, portable, and compact which assist smooth operations. Cargo belt has a different final fitting, which makes very cargo belt specific for certain goods. The machine often has a technical failure, cargo belt is incorporated by a machine which can fail to perform secure transportation, this can be avoided by conducting a visual and operational inspection before final use.

Cargo Belt Market: Regional Outlook

Countries such as Japan and China in the Asian region have the highest number of transportation service and vehicles, and therefore, the market for Cargo belt is expected to rise. The Cargo belt market in developed countries such as the U.S., Italy, and the UK is expected to have positive growth during the forecast period.

It attributed to the high demand for cargo belt due to the modernization, consumers need goods which are to be transported over long distances. Increasing cargo belt demand drives Cargo belt market in developing countries such as India, China, etc.

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Cargo Belt Market: Key Players

  • Hangzhou Mike Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Linyi Leiao Trading Co., Ltd.
  • G. Enterprises
  • VRL Enterprises
  • Barkat Packaging
  • Qingdao Superior Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Far Europe Holding Limited
  • H-Lift Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Zhejiang All-Lifting Co., Ltd.
  • Chongqing Deso Lifting Co., Ltd.