Virtual Trial of Garments Now A Reality


A Shanghai-based apparel outlet, Moda Polso, is overflowing with customers, lined up to create their own avatars, which they will use to try on new garments. This Chinese store gives its customers the convenience of trying various clothes without the need of actually wearing those clothes on their bodies. The virtual trying of clothes allows customers to make their choices easily and rather quickly. Pulsion, a Shanghai-based ‘new retail’ firm, launched Moda Polso as a pilot project in May 2019. The E-commerce Mogul, Jack Ma, coined the term ‘New Retail’ to refer the amalgam of offline and online resources for a terrific retail experience.

Zhang Tianbing, the leader of Consumer Business and Retail Sector at Deloitte China, says, “virtual trial rooms are connecting customers with stores and products, providing a fresh and much convenient shopping experience.”

Stores Can Quadruple its Portfolio with Pulsion’s System

Moda Polso outlet is certainly not your regular apparel store. Only 50 sq. meter space in the entire store is open for merchandise display. In the same space, there are ten touchscreens as well, with one named as the magic mirror due to its bigger appearance. The rest of the space is reserved for trial rooms. The company has built a 40 sq. meter storage room, which can accommodate 3,000 pieces of approximately 1,000 designs.

Tu Zhenghui, the Chief executive officer of the company, stated that, “a typical store is able to expand fourfold of its portfolio with the use of Pulsion’s system. It could also be used to save space, decreasing expenses on rent, which is a massive cost for offline stores.” Zhenghui is just 32-year-old.

The software boasts of having the largest database of Asian women’s body types in the world. It can generate accurate 3D models with just twenty parameters, which display how a garment drapes on a person’s figure.

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