New Robot Advisors to Help Spike Profits for Businesses


We all know the AI (artificial intelligence) is transforming all the industries at operational levels. The advances in robotics process automation and AI has led to emergence of automation in vehicles technology and online chatbots. There is hardly any area that remains uncovered. But, AI is not making any substantial transformation in a common man’s day today life.

Nonetheless, we must say that there are such tools that are advantageous to a common man on a daily basis. It makes maintaining finance easier. Now, we have new automatic saving apps that offer one time auto transfer and easy accumulation of wealth. Even banks are adopting this technology to integrate in their applications. It helps customers in regular savings and more.

There is so much more to it, the new robot advisors offer investment management options with low or no capitals. The results from such investment yield better returns.

How do Robot Advisors Perform? 

These robot advisors operate under the company KaChing, this company has grown substantially since its inception. Currently, it is managing wealth worth $11.4bn in assets from investors.

The Wealth front Robot as their name goes; they have the abilities to make novice investors to be positive about his investments and the services. These robots help in maintaining rebalancing diversification, maintaining tax loss harvesting to keep the taxable gains to minimal. It also helps in automatic reinvestments of dividends to expand investor’s portfolio.

To make novice and young investors take the plunge of savings SOFI, an automatic investment platform is introduced. This will work on algorithm with minimal entry barrier.

“Betterment” is another brand which is similar to Wealth front robo–advisors that are available in the market these days.

Crypto CFD Trader is a software solution that intends to cater to crypto investors and bring a shift in trading of crypto currencies.

In a nutshell, these robot advisors paving for new opportunities in investment and growing individuals wealth portfolio.