mHealth can Help Fight COPD: Research


According to statistics, more than 600 million people are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) across the globe. Out of these, 16 million are from the U.S. and 4 million from Germany. A team of Chinese researchers reveals that health tips for self-management can improve condition of COPD patients. This will also reduce the number of hospital visits and stays, cite researchers.

The researchers picked six studies from countries such as China, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Netherlands from over 4000. Further, researchers examined the data against four criteria. The sample included both, in-patients and those monitored via telemedicine.

How Does it Works?

Patients with COPD condition and access to therapeutic mhealth applications can undergo this study.  The patients can install mhealth applications on their mobile phones. They can get assistance in recording and monitoring their vital data like pulse rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and general health information.

The study group receives the feedback data via telemedical monitoring system. The health providers of telemdical monitoring system aims at providing the patients with self-help. It also ensures a healthy lifestyle, the patients receive custom made coaching through smart phone.

The Meta analysis of mhealth therapy suggests that it can enhance the health of COPD patients. They can self-manage and increase their activity levels, this in turn, can reduce the number of hospital stays.

The researchers are of an opinion that the willingness to improve their health condition through their own mobile app depends on the patients.This facility works better on mobile phones as compared to other devices. The patients can receive clear and transparent data digitally and improve their health conditions with the help of treating researchers.