Thyristor Surge Suppressors Market to Reflect Impressive Growth Rate by 2027


Thyristor surge suppressors are semiconductor chips used to protect circuits and devices from over-voltage and over-current. The thyristor surge suppressors limit the voltage that is being supplied to an electric device by either shorting current or blocking to reduce the voltage under a safe threshold. Thyristor surge suppressor devices prevent overvoltage damage to sensitive circuits by induction, lightning, and power line crossings. These devices act as the break over−triggered crowbar protectors.

Thyristor surge suppressor devices ensure the proper functioning of electrical equipment at the time of lightning strikes. These devices are of prime importance for any business or residential and commercial buildings. Power surge protection device, a thyristor SCR, and surge line protection device are different types of surge suppression device. Thyristor surge suppressor is used in various applications for the safety of electrical and electronic devices.

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Thyristor Surge Suppressors Market- Competitive Landscape

ON Semiconductor and Globalfoundries announced US$ 430 million agreement under which the ownership of Globalfoundries 300mm Fab 10 will be transferred to ON Semiconductor. The deal is still pending regulatory approval and closing conditions.

Bourns has launched its GMOV™ line of overvoltage protection components. The new GMOV™ family will be an enhanced protection solution that helps in overcoming catastrophic and degradation failure issues in the discrete Metal Oxide Varistor.

Microsemi Corporation

Founded in 1959, Microsemi Corporation is located in the US. The company provides semiconductor and systems solution for data center, communications, and aerospace and defense. The company provides field programmable gate arrays, analog mixed signal integrated circuits, application-specific integrated circuits, systems on chip solutions, and power management products.

Protek Devices LP

Established in 1992, Protek Devices LP is located in the US. The company manufactures TVS products to protect electronic equipment from electrostatic discharge, lightning, inductive switching, etc. it also offers steering diodes/TVS arrays and TVS diode arrays to provide protection from tertiary lightning, electrical fast transients, and ESD.

Diodes Incorporated

Established in 1959, Diodes Incorporated is located in the US. The company offers various products such as rectifiers, diodes, transistors, functional specific arrays, protection devices, comparators, power management devices, temperature sensors, amplifiers, and other products.

AEG Power Solutions 

Founded in 1883, AEG Power Solutions is located in the Netherlands. The company manufactures power electronics solutions and systems for renewable energy applications and industrial power supplies. Some of the products include local and remote UPS management software for power control, uninterruptible power supplies, UPS accessories, and industrial inverters in modular, stand-alone, and analog versions.

Thyristor Surge Suppressors Market Dynamics

Rise in Voltage Fluctuation and Equipment Failure Driving Demand for Thyristor Surge Suppressors

Growing demand for the protection system for electronic devices and rise in the device and equipment failure owing the voltage fluctuation are the key driving forces in the thyristor surge suppressors market. Moreover, bidirectional protection, high surge current capability, and surface mount technology are some of the benefits of thyristor surge suppressors that are influencing the adoption of thyristor surge suppressors.

Owing to the increasing problem of voltage fluctuation, thyristor surge suppressors are finding wide application in the protection of electronic circuits in electronic appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, computers, and consumer electronic goods. Moreover, in recent years, thyristor surge suppressors are extensively used in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

Manufacturers Focus on Innovative Techniques to Enter Developing Thyristor Surge Suppressors Market

Manufacturers in the thyristor surge suppressors market are increasingly investing in the research and development activities to find new and innovative techniques to develop thyristor surge suppressors. Manufacturers are also focusing on offering highly-efficient and reliable thyristor surge suppressors to provide better protection against damaging effects of utility switching, lightning, and switching electric motors.

The thyristor surge suppressors market is highly fragmented with the presence of several manufacturers, especially in the developing regions. Moreover, with the increasing number of manufacturers, product differentiation has become vital to gain competitive edge in the thyristor surge suppressors market.

Rise in Additional Cost to Prevent Failure of Electronic Equipment and Devices Restraining Thyristor Surge Suppressors Market Growth

One of the key factors hampering the growth of the thyristor surge suppressors market is it leads to the additional cost to prevent failure of electronic equipment and devices. However, in response to the growing demand for thyristor surge suppressors by consumers, companies are focusing on developing new thyristor surge suppressors with low capacitance to provide protection to the low-voltage electronics at lower cost. However, today electronic equipment have become more susceptible to overvoltage and voltage fluctuation, this is driving the adoption of thyristor surge suppressors to prevent costly services, and provide reliable operation.

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