Suki, the Robot is the New Assistant to the Doctor?


A new technology will help clinicians in note taking with the help of artificial intelligence. Two companies have come forward to make note taking for obstetrics easier, organic and personal.

Suki, an artificial intelligence will play the role of medical assistant in obstetrics and gynaecology. Further, this medical assistant uses voice commands and speech recognition to take notes.

Role of Suki, an Artificial Intelligence

As the doctors use more of this service, the AI will start understanding the physician’s style, vocabulary, and habits. This will enable the AI to document the notes precisely at comparatively less time. The technology’s objective is to offer high quality medical data and call for action using voice recognition and AI commands.

Manual recording of data onto the computer takes away a lot of time of physicians. However, voice recognition based note taking helps in better clinical performance of physicians by reducing the time taken for note taking.

Suki, plays an important role in women’s health care by helping clinicians concentrate on their job. Dr. Matt Eakins, COO at Unified says, Suki not only helps in precise and correct data documentation but also enhances physicians on the job experience.

It also plays an important role in enhancing patient and physician’s relationship by allowing clinicians spend more time with their patients. According to experts, it also simplifies complex data and billing procedures.

Dr. Nathan Gunn, COO at Suki states, partnering with Unified and its growing global presence on women’s health care allow us to focus on giving more time to physicians to concentrate on healthcare.