Artificial Intelligence to Power Next Generation Robots


Recently, experts from across the world were pondering over the future of AI (artificial intelligence) at Melno Park, California. Most delegates participating in the discussion were representatives of big brands in robotics and AI from the U.S. and Japan. As a result, experts hint that the robots manufactured from the collaboration between countries will hit the markets soon. However, it may require a great deal of cooperation between the USA and its ally.

It is noticeable that Japan is the leader in robotics fueled by a huge appetite for automation in automotive industry. However, these old-school robots lack a key element to transform into machines of tomorrow. The robots are devoid of cutting-edge machine learning software that could help them improve consistently.

How the U.S. Sees this Opportunity to Enter the AI-based Robotics Market?

Currently, the U.S. is the leader in design and development of machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Recognizing the problem for Japanese robotics companies, U.S. has announced partnership with various business organizations. This is to cater their need for technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

According to Tomochika Uyama, consul general of Japan in San Fransisco, the Bay Area has proved to be good for software engineering. On the other hand, Japan has world-class hardware engineering. Further, this could be a perfect collaboration for both the countries to cumulatively grow in the field of robotics technology.

Looking at the potential that such collaborations can bring to both the businesses, IHI Corporation, a Tokyo-based industrial equipment behemoth joined hands with a start-up from San Francisco –OSARO. Consumers recognize the American company for developing a reinforcement learning software for robots. Companies leveraging the outcomes of this partnership at IHI’s warehouse to grab various objects and place them on and off the conveyor belt.

According to Vice President IHI, Kohei Taya, they were looking for a business partner who can provide a boost to their business via the power of artificial intelligence.