Unified Data Management (UDM) Solutions Market: Current Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

A unified data management (UDM) solution is a centralized system or platform used to collect and analyze large sets of data generated from different sources. Unified data management solutions create a combined development and delivery environment which provides accurate and reliable data. A high-end unified data management platform combines data management technologies and data analytics. The role of the unified data management solution is to collect organized and unorganized data from external and internal sources, and to then store and integrate that data. This solution also organizes and analyzes data. The unified data solution involves three technologies, virtualization, service-oriented architecture, and various data security services.

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Increase in the demand for efficient data management across all end-use industries is expected to drive the global unified data management (UDM) solutions market. The effective management of data is crucial in any enterprise as enterprises are bound by an increase in many compliance regulations, significant increase in storage information, storage capacity, and the absolute amount of data and documents being generated by organizations.

Unified data management (UDM) solutions provide better efficiencies, flexibility, and reliability. The unified data management platform helps enterprises to streamline the complexity of matching, cleaning, and preparing all data. Moreover, this platform manages data according to enterprise requirements which helps to promote technical efficiencies and supports strategic, data-oriented business goals.

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These factors are anticipated to boost the demand for global unified data management. However, the complex structure of unified data management (UDM) solutions is anticipated to hinder the growth of the unified data management (UDM) solutions market. New technologies are changing the landscape of unified data management. Machine learning technology is being integrated into unified data management and utilized to move data from management platforms to its destination at high speed.

The global unified data management (UDM) solutions market can be categorized based on component, enterprise size, deployment, solution, industry vertical, and geography. Based on component, the unified data management (UDM) solutions market can be segmented into software and services. The software segment can be further classified into standalone and suite. In terms of enterprise size, the global unified data management (UDM) solutions market can be divided into small-medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and large enterprises.

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