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UK Physicists Team Discovers Alternate Laws of Gravity

A team of physicists at Durham University, United Kingdom, has created a simulation of the universe, using an alternative model for gravity, the Chameleon theory. The theory, also known as f(R)-gravity, states that the effects of gravity can fluctuate and change on the basis of the environment.

The images produced as the result of the simulation has unearth a very interesting fact, pointing towards the possibility of alternate laws of gravity, much different from the Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The results show the feasibility of Chameleon theory in explaining the formation of galaxies, like Milky Way, in the universe. With this research, physicists are also hoping to get a better understanding of dark energy, the mystical celestial object, which has sped up the expansion of the universe.

Physicists Prove Chameleon Theory’s Viability in Galaxy Formation

Albert Einstein developed the theory of General Relatively in the early 1900s in a bid to explain the gravitational impact of large objects in space. For instance, he used this theory to explain Mercury’s orbit in the solar system. While the theory of general relativity is one of the fundamentals of modern cosmology, it also impacts our everyday life, with its assistance in functions like Geo tagging and GPS.

From theoretical calculations, the team already knew that the Chameleon Theory was capable to recreate the success of General Relativity in the universe. It has now demonstrated the viability of this theory in forming realistic galaxies like ours and also proved it to be different from General Relativity on a massive cosmological level. Dr Christian Arnold, the co-lead author of this research, stated that the Chameleon Theory permits the modification of the laws of gravity, so that the effect of changes in gravity on the formation of a galaxy can be tested.

The findings of this research are published in Nature Astronomy.

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