UGA Scientists create fuel out of atmospheric CO2

In a potentially a groundbreaking discovery, the researchers at UGA (University of Georgia), devised a method to transform the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into useful industrial chemicals and alternative fuel. If the technology is put into commercial production, this process has the capability to alter the global fossil fuel industry.University of Georgia

CO2 is the main greenhouse gas that is emitted due to human behavior, and is the driving force for the global warming menace. For years Man has played a part in the increasing CO2  emission level of the world by consuming fossil fuels for his energy requirement, transportation, and industrial use, until these researchers came up with the idea of using the COin the atmosphere to produce a greener fuel.

This process is made possible due to the characteristics of a micro-organism called pyrococcus furiosus. This micro-organism is generally found near geo-thermal vents in the ocean, where the water is superheated and feed on the carbohydrates in the water. By genetically re-engineering this micro-organism, the research team has fashioned a type of P. Furiosus that can feed on atmospheric COat a much lower temperature, and generates a lot of industrially useful products, including fuel. The fuel generated by this process when burned, has been found to release the same amount of COinto the atmosphere, as was required to produce it, rendering the process carbon-neutral, showing the promise for a greener fuel compared to fossil fuel.

Amidst the highly volatile fuel prices influencing the global economy, it is the need of the hour to have an alternative resource. This process of generating fuel out of the atmosphere, and in the process cleaning one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases, has a potential to succeed when commercially used. This is a major breakthrough to reduce the global carbon footprint and leave a cleaner and greener environment for the generations to come.

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